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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about an Taureans's health: Taureans appreciate the good things in life. They're addicted to food and allergic to exercise. All of these things combined with their generally broad and solid frame makes overweight a typical Taurean problem. The earlier they start to think about what they eat, the better.

Avoiding high-calorie, fatty diets might also help them avoid weight problems in later years. Taureans have a solid, hale and hearty look about them. Ill health is rarely a problem and resistance to infection is good. Their weak area is the throat and neck which makes it wise for them to wrap up well in the winter. Taureans normally turn their noses up at the idea of exercise but common sense will tell them to make an effort. Something light like tennis, dancing, walking or gardening might suit.

Taureans are normally very responsible, except for one area: health. They love to laze around and as for exercise, there's always tomorrow. Sooner or later, such an attitude is bound to show on their waistline.

Worse still is their sweet tooth. They love rich food. And, since Taureans find it hard to do without the things they love, they've got a problem! Of course, when their conscience pricks them, they'll diet for a few days. Now, determination IS usually their strong point, but NOT when it comes to dieting! If it's a choice between abstaining or devouring that tasty cream cake, there's just no contest. It might be a good idea for Taureans who are on a diet, simply to cut down on normal eating habits. Smaller portions with no extra helpings (together with a little exercise) will soon make a difference.

Exercise - even a brisk walk - is important. Activity will help improve their circulation. Taureans love the countryside so they could make it a habit to get out rambling in the summer. They should also protect their throat and neck in cold weather, as this is their most vulnerable area for ill health.

Taureans simply love eating. They appreciate good home cooking, steak and kidney pie, roast beef and yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and plenty of veg, then not forgetting the sweet trolley. Not surprisingly, despite their determined nature, trying to lose weight can be a nightmare. How do they do without something they love? It's torture for them to even think about the word 'diet'. Smaller portions on smaller plates, less of the chocolates and carbohydrates and more fruit with regular exercise might make a more appealing alternative.

Taureans need an eating plan that allows them plenty leeway. If they're trying to lose weight, they shouldn't go on too strict a regime as they'll never stick to it. And anyway, a little of what they fancy shouldn't do them any harm! On the other hand, they really should try to cut down on rich, fatty foods. Women can have cholesterol problems too. Enjoy big helpings of grilled fish, poultry, fresh veg and fruit and Taureans should allow themselves the occasional sweet treat, especially when they're feeling a little down.

How else might Taureans relax? - A holiday of course. - However, when it comes to travel, it often takes someone else to spur the Taurean into action. If they were left to make the booking, they'd probably never get away. Taureans enjoy their home surroundings and often find it relaxation enough to just potter about in the house and garden. They aren't one of those who can wait until the last moment to grab discounted holiday offers. Granted they like to save money but when it comes to travel, they need everything organised well in advance to feel happy.

Taureans love the open countryside and this is an ideal place for them to wind-down and recharge their batteries.   

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