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VIRGO - August 24th - September 23rd
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about the Virgo's health: The sixth sign of the zodiac rules over health matters among other things so Virgos should be naturally fit and healthy. But, as difficult as it is for a Virgo to admit, no-one is perfect and Mother Nature endowed Virgos with their own particular weaknesses, just like the rest of them.

Still, Virgos are naturally interested in health, hygiene and diet and they will do their best to keep well. Their constitutions are strong and weight gain is not usually a problem. They do however worry a lot about their health and others tend to see this as hypochondria. It's not easy for a Virgo to relax but nervous tension can lead to indigestion and stomach upsets. So the message has to be: stop worrying about imagined illnesses otherwise the digestive complaints caused by anxiety will give you something real to worry about!

Weight-conscious Virgos have no problem at all going from fat to fit. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Virgos are the most tuned into a healthy lifestyle. They will only eat what's good for them and when others binge on chocs and crisps, Virgos will nibble on carrots, celery, nuts and apples.

Virgos take a great deal of pride in their appearance and will exercise as a matter of course, rather than because everyone else is doing it. They can keep their youthful looks through keeping fit, relaxation and an undemanding lifestyle. Sensible living keeps them hale and hearty, often to a fine old age.

Now for the 'buts'. Virgos are hard workers but they tend to live on their nerves. Their greatest danger is over-work and mental strain. They often worry unnecessarily over minor details and this can lead to nervous upsets. Maybe they just expect too much and sometimes they should give themselves a break.

You see, it's vital for Virgos to know the value of proper rest and relaxation. Games of skill such as golf and snooker appeal to those born under this meticulous sign.

It has to be said (and they'll readily admit it) that Virgos are quite finicky about most areas of their lives, just as they are fussy eaters. They go for fresh, not canned or frozen food and it's important to consider nutritional values. Plenty fruit and vegetables but not so heavy on the meat. Many Virgos are vegetarians. They're sticklers for hygiene in the kitchen and for health reasons, will avoid frying as much as possible. If ever there's a need to diet, they wouldn't find it a problem. Counting the calories and organising a sensible fitness regime will come quite naturally to the methodical. Living under the most health-conscious of all astrological signs, it's very likely that Virgos eat to live, rather than live to eat. They may prefer a vegetarian or even a vegan lifestyle and this is okay. Just as long as it's nutritionally balanced. All those fresh vegetables may not be quite as fresh as they seem, especially for those who live in the city. Vegetables can also lose valuable nutrients in cooking, so it's important to make sure that Virgos eat as much raw fruit and veg as possible and take a vitamin/mineral supplement every day.

It's also important that they get plenty of added proteins and fibre from seeds, pulses and nuts. Virgos enjoy cooking so they might experiment with herbs and spices to add some variety to their favourite dishes.

Another way of finding relaxation is through a change of scene. But Virgos are the type of person who put the needs of others before their need to have a holiday. Sometimes they might feel as if it's not practical to take time off. They often have too many things to do and a holiday would just send everything into disarray.

Virgos like their world to be well-organised and even when away from their usual surroundings, they can't always switch off. This could get to annoy those who are holidaying with them, and it can't be doing them any good either. What they need to do is keep their minds occupied but it is often important to get away from their usual surroundings every now and again, if only to see things from a different perspective.   

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