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AQUARIUS - January 21st - February 19th

Aquarius male ...

It's so easy for anyone to fall for his charm and wit. There will also be compassion for he has a deep and sincere concern for humanity. On the debit side, he can be quite unpredictable when it comes to love relationships. He enjoys a love-affair, whether it is for sex or for intellectual companionship. But he has far too many other important concerns to become overly emotional about love. His partner will be intelligent and broad-minded.

Aquarius female ...

Some people find it difficult to understand her. At times, she will be charming and affectionate. Other times she may seem forgetful and even aloof. She is a popular lady and will have many friends of both sexes. She cares for each and every one of them. When Cupid fires his arrow at her, her partner will still need to allow her independence and privacy.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Aquarius -

Aries - Both will find each others' company stimulating and interesting though you may need to let the Aries FEEL that they're the boss! You're both reasonably easy-going and this could be both an adventurous and entertaining union.

Taurus - Taurus will probably be too conventional for your broadminded nature. You have an innovative outlook on life, Taurus can be somewhat old-fashioned. Taurus is looking for stability and security; you prefer a degree of unpredictability in life. A shaky relationship.

Gemini - You are both born under Air signs. This means you'll share similar attitudes. The relationship should work well as you will be good friends as well as compatible lovers.

Cancer - Cancer may want someone to spend evenings at home with. You will be in social demand. Cancer craves commitment and dedication. You aren't so demanding in your relationship needs. You need to work hard to make this relationship work.

Leo - You're two very independent people. Maybe Leo will be too possessive and demanding for you. You could share some fascinating times together and you will have a lot of laughs. Both can be stubborn however. Romantically, you may not be altogether suited for each other.

Virgo - The more conservative Virgo may be shocked by your broadminded attitude. You are creative and inspirational and Virgo will respect the more introspective side of your nature. However, you're sociable, freedom-loving and humanitarian too. Virgo will find you too unconventional in your ways.

Libra - With shared interests and attitudes, a good relationship could be the happy result. Aquarius and Libra are both Air signs and you share many areas of similarity. Neither of you are overly emotional and you won't make too many demands on each other.

Scorpio - A general conflict of interests and attitudes on life. - This may not be an easy relationship. Scorpio is highly passionate and intense. You are more spontaneous and you will only be able to take the Scorpio's powerful personality in small doses! - Not a good portent for romance!

Sagittarius - Whatever happens, you will have a really good time together. You enjoy this relationship knowing that you both get a lot out of it. This will be a satisfying union. Each will understand the other's love of independence. You're both socially active.

Capricorn - Capricorn may be too conventional and serious for your versatile attitude on life. Capricorn is conservative where you are modern in your attitude towards sex, romance and relationships. You are an individualist. Capricorn is unlikely to relate with or understand this.

Aquarius - An intellectually satisfying relationship. This is an excellent combination when your two minds will be as one. There is physical and emotional compatibility. An undemanding and harmonious union.

Pisces - You could each understand the other and you will get on quite well. However, Pisces will seem too sensitive and emotional at times. Pisces is a born romantic and will expect total dedication from their partner. You might find this too stifling a prospect.   

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