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ARIES - March 21st - April 20th

Aries Male -

He's an ardent, fiery and zealous lover. He will probably enjoy a number of love-affairs before deciding on the 'love of his life'. Once in a committed relationship he will be kind and considerate (in his own way!) He's always on the go; adventurous and impetuous. A frail and sensitive partner might find him too demanding and life with him too challenging!

Aries Female -

She knows exactly what she wants from life and love and she will be in at the deep end, almost from the start. She can be hasty, impatient and prone to sudden outbursts of anger. She is a frank and independent woman who would never stoop to deceit. She needs a strong partner who can cope with all her Martian energy.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Aries -

Aries - This fiery affair could work if you both make an effort to be nice to each other. You are both natural leaders so this could be a problem. There's lots of energy, fire and spark in this union. Physically compatible but the course of romance won't always be a smooth one.

Taurus - Where you're impulsive, Taurus is careful. Where you're restless, Taurus is
patient. You want fun, excitement, adventure. Taurus wants stability, security and 'calm'!! What do YOU think?

Gemini - You're both outgoing and you both hate routine and boredom. Gemini loves variety and will be keen to get the most out of life and relationships. Gemini is imaginative and loves to use their mind whereas you are more physical especially in your loving. Still, this union could be good and has potential.

Cancer - You may misunderstand Cancer's rather quiet nature. Joint money handling may cause conflict. Cancer is sensitive and home-loving in nature. You need freedom and independence. They're good friends and loyal companions but you want more than that from your love-life.

Leo - You're both active and energetic. You work well together but expect Leo to want to be the 'king of the castle'! You want to be the leader! Many areas of compatibility, lots of fun likely and your love-life will be dynamite.

Virgo - You have opposing attitudes to life. You could find Virgo's more serious personality rather trying. Virgo will accuse you of being reckless and impulsive. Shared interests may form a basis to work on. Virgo is careful, practical and precise. You're more casual and adventurous in your ways. Perhaps not your ideal heartthrob!

Libra - It could be easy to fall for the handsome Libran but will it last? Libra is outgoing, flirtatious and fun. They love the trappings of romance: candlelit dinners and romantic moonlight strolls. They need lots of affection and attention. You might come to find this too stifling.

Scorpio - You're both highly-sexed and there could be strong physical compatibility. However after Scorpio has swept you off your feet, coming down to earth may find you in power struggles. Two strong personalities make for an interesting relationship. It could be good; it could be the opposite!

Sagittarius - You'll be attracted to the Archer's outgoing and optimistic ways. There's plenty scope for pleasure through this union. Both adventurous and daring, you could have a lot of fun together. Lots of sexual energy here too. - This relationship could work well.

Capricorn - Capricorn is ambitious, careful and often cautious. They are successful but they make their way up in life slowly. You prefer instant results. You could find Capricorn rather too serious and straight-faced for your restless nature. Your fiery ardour might be too much for them.

Aquarius - You may find a faithful and interesting partner in the Aquarius. You can both be imaginative and creative in your loving. Where you are passionate, intense and hot, Aquarius can be distant and cool. Could be a good mix.

Pisces - Pisces will be loving, attentive and supportive in your endeavours. Pisces is romantic and sensitive. You can be romantic when you want to be. Pisces can be moody and emotionally demanding. You are demanding in other more physical ways. You need to develop the sensitive side of your nature when with a Piscean.   

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