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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
Cancer male ...

In love, he will be warm and affectionate but his complex nature can sometimes be difficult for others to understand! The Moon, his ruler makes him emotional and often moody. One moment he's cheerful then the next he can be miserable and low. - A man of extremes! He needs to feel secure in love. It's important too that his partner and his mother get on well together.

Cancer female ...

She has a warm and sincere approach to your love-life. She's not the type of person who would settle for a casual or light-hearted fling. - She needs a stronger, more permanent and very secure relationship. She is sensitive and emotional and she can weep oceans when hurt or if she feels cheated. She will be an affectionate and loving partner. Security is her main aim.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Cancer -

Aries - Aries is aggressive and hasty in love. Everything happens so quickly with them! You could feel both inspired and overwhelmed by their upbeat and adventuresome outlook. You can be sensitive and Aries hard-hearted. Misunderstandings are likely to occur.

Taurus - Taurus is looking for a life-time membership to romance. You might be happy to provide it! A good partnership, though Taurus will need to learn to understand the extra-sensitive side of your nature.

Gemini - Gemini may be a little too restless for your home-loving nature. Gemini has an unquenchable thirst for excitement and variety. You prefer stability and security. With you being so sensitive you might feel Gemini doesn't have any real feelings. Not an evenly balanced union.

Cancer - You're both sensitive and each will understand the other's needs and feelings. Fantasy will bring you closer together. This is a deeply emotional union and a spiritual one too. You will feel you have met your soul-mate. A faithful combination.

Leo - Leos are generous with their time, energy and affection. Their radiating warmth could make you feel content and cosy but is this enough? Leo will provide you with a dramatic and socially active life but really, do you want this?

Virgo - You respect what Virgo has to offer in romance: security, stability a long-lasting union. Virgo is as serious about loving as you are. They may however be rather fussy and critical. Virgo might find you too intense. There are ways to compromise.

Libra - Although Libra will be fun to be with, they enjoy their social life and want to have fun. You prefer quiet twosomes to anything too noisy and crowded. You'll possibly find Libra is too freedom loving to satisfy your innate need for security.

Scorpio - Two Water signs here. In a Scorpio, you will find someone to understand your sensitive nature. There will be passion, affection, romance and joy. You find each other hard to resist and you're spiritually in tune. A good combination.

Sagittarius - The freedom loving Archer will conflict with your home-loving nature. Your chief interest is to find security and refuge in love. Sagittarius rarely stays in the same place for very long. They enjoy popularity, fun exploits and a variety of interests. You will have fun together but in romance, you will want more.

Capricorn - Capricorn will be charming and delightful company. They may not seem as affectionate or demonstrative as you can be but as long as you keep the lines of communication open, you will be able to understand each other. - Capricorn can provide the security and stability you always dream of.

Aquarius - Aquarius is outgoing and freedom-loving. This does not seem to match your more retiring and sensitive nature. Their reluctance to dedicate themselves completely to this relationship may upset you. You want their total devotion. They won't give up their independence.

Pisces - Pisces can make you feel warm, content and needed without them even having to try. There's a strong spiritual and emotional bond here. You're emotionally and physically compatible. You will both understand each other very well. - A marriage made in Heaven.   

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