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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd

Libra male ...

Venus, his ruling planet endows Libra with handsome looks, a charming personality and extreme sensitivity. He knows all about the art of love and how to please his mate. He enjoys harmonious relationships, but underneath his calm exterior is a band of steel which can be quite surprising when it shows itself. He will make a charming and affectionate partner.

Libra female ...

She is an adoring, romantic and affectionate lover. However beneath all this romantic mysterious femininity, lies intelligence and a strong will. She is happy to hand over important decisions to her partner. But, when the need occurs, she can handle awkward situations and she can even be quite stubborn. She likes her relationships to be harmonious and her partner must appreciate that she will always have friends of both sexes.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Libra -

Aries - You're more peace-loving than fiery Aries. Aries will feed you with plenty admiring compliments. Libra is the sign of balance but this relationship is unlikely to be equal. Aries wants to be first. Aries might sometimes forget you have feelings. You could start feeling discontent.

Taurus - You might find the Bull is too stubborn for your liking. They'll be of great help in managing finances! Taurus can be passionate in their loving and you could learn to enjoy this. You're both ruled by the planet Venus so there are areas of compatibility. Taurus can be a possessive, jealous lover. Can you cope with this?

Gemini - You'll understand each other's need for freedom in a relationship. Both Gemini and Libra are Air signs which suggests compatibility. You share similar attitudes and outlook on life. You're both charming and friendly. There is a good deal of affinity between your signs.

Cancer - You prefer harmony and you could find Cancer's ever-changing moods unsettling. You are a sociable person and you depend on others in a way because you need companionship and friendship. Cancer will provide you with emotional security but emotionally you won't always be in tune. Also, Cancer isn't as outgoing as you.

Leo - You can give each other much satisfaction even though you may clash at times. Leo loves to love, Librans love to be loved! You both enjoy your social life and you both want to have a lot of fun. As long as you're willing to allow Leo the last word in everything, this could be a lasting union.

Virgo - Virgo could be too critical and you too sensitive. The basic ingredient for a happy relationship for a Libran is harmony. Virgo will be co-operative as long as you fall in with their demands and wishes. Virgo likes neatness and order. You aren't so organised. You could eventually find them too fussy to live with.

Libra - Each will understand the other. You share the same sign and the same Venus ruler so you should make music together! You are a romantic at heart and in another Libran you might feel as if you have found your dream lover and your soul-mate all mixed into one!

Scorpio - Scorpio may have too much passion for you to deal with. Scorpio is serious about most everything, You tend to take a less earnest view. You have a charming nature and you get on with most people. But in romance, you might find the Scorpio too intense and hot to handle.

Sagittarius - The Archer may be too outgoing and easy-going for you. But there'll be plenty fun and excitement in this relationship while it lasts. You both know how to have fun together and you could travel a lot. Group activities will also bring shared pleasure.

Capricorn - Capricorn will be more serious-minded and practical but you could learn a lot from them. Capricorn is ambitious whereas there is no strongly ambitious urge for you to achieve personal distinction. Supporting the Capricorn in their aims might be satisfying especially if you can see this makes them happy.

Aquarius - You both enjoy the company of other people. If friends are in trouble, you will share a need to help them out. You are both humanitarian and there are many areas of similarity in your lives. This will be a compatible relationship and a possibly lasting one too.

Pisces - You might find Pisces is too jealous or possessive for your liking. They can be extremely sensitive and emotional too. You are more analytical in your thinking. Pisces might sometimes accuse you of lacking in emotion. You both enjoy peace and harmony; it's difficult to find this with each other!   

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