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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st

Sagittarius male ...

With his love of excitement and adventure, he will expect his love-life to be thrilling, fun and usually light-hearted. He is a freedom-loving soul who shies away from ties and bonds. But this does not make him any less male. Quite the opposite! He is sexy and sporty; he is frank in his relationships and has a wonderful sense of humour. He is attentive, loving and great fun to be with.

Sagittarius female ...

She has many friends of both sexes. She is an amusing and intelligent companion and she enjoys sharing her interests with others. She is not in a rush to settle down and may go through quite a few affairs before deciding on her ideal partner. She loves freedom and a jealous or possessive mate would never do for her.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Sagittarius -

Aries - With an Aries, romance will be an exciting journey. In Aries, you will find a person who shares your many interests. You share a mutual need for excitement, stimulation and adventure. - A passionate and satisfying partnership.

Taurus - Taurus can be possessive and maybe a little too cautious for you. You're adventurous and you want to get as much as possible out of life. Taurus is rather conservative in their ways. You both have pleasant natures but that's not perhaps enough for fulfilment in romance.

Gemini - Sharing similar interests, these two signs should get on well together. You are both intellectual and quite sporty. Gemini likes to be active and is interested in a wide range of activities. You will never be bored with this partner. Gemini would never try to tether you to the one place!

Cancer - Cancer may be far too demanding and sensitive for your more independent nature. Cancer wants to care for you, protect and nurture this relationship. You could find this kind of attention, too stifling. You are a flirt, by instinct. Cancer may not understand this. Lots of confusion in a perplexing relationship.

Leo - Here are two signs who will understand each other's need for independence in relationships. Life is exciting, dramatic and fun with a Leo. Leo is full of enthusiasm, game for a laugh and generous too. A passionate and zealous combination.

Virgo - You will respect Virgo's intelligence and conversations will be mentally stimulating. However Virgo could be too meticulous and critical for your more easy-going nature. You can't help feeling there should be more to romance than this.

Libra - You could find some common interests as long as Libra does not try to tie you down. Because Libra rarely knows where they're going, they often get lost. You prefer to have a goal to aim for! Libra isn't always reliable. You wonder whether you can trust them.

Scorpio - Scorpio may become jealous and may not relate to the more outgoing and independent side of your personality. You can be impatient and exuberant. Scorpio is always serious. You sometimes blow hot, sometimes cold. Difficulties could arise.

Sagittarius - You will be attracted to Sagittarian's cheerfulness and optimism. Two like-minded people with similar interests are bound to get on well together. You're likely to travel a lot and enjoy many fun exploits. It's a relationship you will never forget!

Capricorn - You may not share Capricorn's strong ambitions. Indeed, you may wonder whether they ever find time for relaxation. Capricorn is too solemn and severe in their attitude. They are happy with familiarity. You prefer the unknown.

Aquarius - In this relationship there will be a sharing of mutual interests and a curiosity about the world in general. Friendship is strong and you both have a good sense of humour. A cordial relationship which could be romantic too.

Pisces - Pisces spends a lot of time locked in their head, dreaming, fantasising and sometimes missing out on opportunities because of this. You prefer action to dreams. Pisces may be too jealous and demanding which isn't good when you're reluctant to be tied down.   

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