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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd

Scorpio male ...

He has a powerful personality. He's as secretive as he is sexual. He's not just interested in a casual or platonic relationship. Once he has set his sights on someone, he will be determined; he never gives up. It's almost impossible for anyone to resist the attraction of his magnetic charm. Love-affairs are a serious business and he will demand total devotion and sincerity from his mate.

Scorpio female ....

She is attractive and mysterious in her ways. She will be a passionate and fulfilling lover. She is serious about her relationships and expects total honesty and faithfulness from her partner. She will be a faithful lover, an intelligent companion and she will never let her lover down.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Scorpio -

Aries - You could be a little too possessive for the more independent, excitable Arian. In your relationships you are intense and deeply passionate. Aries will be zealous in a fiery kind of way but they lack staying-power. This relationship may lack the intimacy that you crave.

Taurus - Awesome! Taurus is looking for someone who will help them build a secure lifestyle. They need stability and constancy, so do you. As long as you have faith in each other, this relationship could work. Should jealousy enter the stage, then someone will have to get off it!

Gemini - You would probably find little satisfaction from the Gemini's way of life. Nonetheless, there will be moments of fun. Friendship is good and you will respect each other's views. Physically, you may not, however, feel a very strong attraction. This relationship is unlikely to be a long one.

Cancer - You are emotionally on a par. You will feel as if you were always meant for each other. This relationship could work very well. There is romance, passion and all the wonderful ingredients that make for a long-term affair. Have fun!

Leo - Leo prefers freedom. Will you be willing to give it? You can be possessive and even jealous in your relationships. Leo has friends of both sexes and they are flirtatious in their way. You both can be stubborn but that's no grounds for a compatible union!

Virgo - An intellectually satisfying relationship. You can both be perfectionists. You are both organised, efficient and well-disciplined. Once committed to a relationship, neither of you will stray. This could be a fulfilling bond.

Libra - If Libra does not object to your possessive nature, you just might get on well together. At the same time, Libra can be sociable and flirtatious; you might find it difficult to turn a blind eye to their frivolous deeds.

Scorpio - Interesting things will happen when you get together. Two similar people should find enjoyment together. But you can both be very stubborn! You're both determined and highly discriminating in your choice of friends and lovers. Neither of you will enter a relationship lightly.

Sagittarius - The Archer may be too sociable and outgoing for you. You will get on well together as friends and even as lovers, there will be moments of compatibility. You can both be passionate and ardent. Trouble is, the Archer just isn't as committed to their relationships as you.

Capricorn - Capricorn's career and ambitions will be important and they will expect you to share their goals. Maybe you're too emotional for practical Capricorn. If there are mutual interests, there could be a lot of respect in this union. It could be a long-lasting affair.

Aquarius - Aquarius would be happy in an unconventional relationship. You are looking for more commitment. You're both fixed in opinions and if you fall out, your relationship may head for trouble. At the same time, you can't help but admire the Aquarian's knowledge on various subjects.

Pisces - You are both born under Water signs. That means you're both sensitive and intuitive. You can't keep away from each other. Time spent together is truly amazing. You're just great together. - A marriage made in Heaven!   

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