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ARIES - March 21st - April 20th
The word 'stress' has such negative connotations nowadays and yet, did you know that stress can be good for you too? Some people actually thrive on challenge and they tend to work best when under a degree of pressure. - I'm telling you this Aries, because yours is the type of personality that is always active and on the go. You love being involved in things and there's a keenness to get started on new projects. You are an initiator and you are a leader. There is talent in getting things underway and in encouraging people to work together towards the one goal.

Now the reason I'm focusing on these aspects of your nature is because I think that you're likely to be one of those folk I spoke of earlier. You will actively take on a challenge and you love the thrill and excitement that being active and involved brings. And that's why it may surprise you to hear that you are more likely to feel stressed if ever you suffer from prolonged periods of having nothing to do!

Ariens really do hate sitting around and twiddling their thumbs. This would leave you feeling irritated and aggravated; you would become impatient with yourself and with other people. And then would come those awful headaches - perhaps even migraines - that those who were born under the sign of the Ram are prone to. - Do you recognise the symptoms?

Yes, Aries, the first thing that will help you combat stress is to recognise how you react when under tension. When you find your temper is on an even shorter leash than normal; when you're being accused of biting everyone's heads off and when you feel frustrated and thwarted, know that it's time to do something positive to help you get back on track.

Now before suggesting ways to ease stress, I must also mention that as well as stress through boredom and inactivity, Ariens at the other end of the scale might suffer tension through taking on too many commitments and through having to many irons in the fire. If you are one of these Ariens, then you must learn to recognise your limitations.

there are a number of ways of handling stress and different methods suit different personalities. I've already mentioned that Ariens love to be on the go. You might therefore find that pursuing some form of sporting interest will help. You might have a favourite sport but if not, try visiting your local sportscentre and find out what's on offer. - Run, walk, swim, join a line-dancing class. Get active and get out and about. The reason I say this is because it helps beat stress in a number of ways. Sport helps to focus all that built-up nervous energy and emotion that's inside you. Physical exercise is a recognised and suggested way of coping with stress. It gives you something to focus on; a purpose, even or a kind of challenge. And it will put you in touch with new people and perhaps new interests because of this.

To sum up then, you have the type of personality Aries, where exercise and sporting pursuits will help you cope better, during times of stress and high tension.

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