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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
Stress can be caused through many things: a build up of responsibilities, a number of unexpected and difficult to handle changes, problems in relationships or even a single crisis. It's snot always easy to define the actual cause. Some people can go on for ages, when suffering stress without even knowing it. Often a person's personality will give a certain indication of how people might react to stress and how they might best cope when under such pressure. Cancer, yours is a sensitive, sympathetic and home-loving nature. You can probably cope with a lot before you crack under pressure and I think you're the type of person other people turn to when THEY need advice or guidance. And instinctively, you'll know just what to say to make them feel better. But what about you? Let's focus on your needs now, shall we?

And as I've already said, you can handle a lot, you have a tenacious nature and even when all around you is in chaos, even though you might feel moments of panic, you can act more calmly and rationally than most. But there is one area in your life that has a strong effect on your emotional well-being, and that Cancer is your home and your family.

If everything in the domestic garden is rosy, you feel well content with your lot. But, if there is contention, arguments or hostility within the domestic scene, you can get very upset and stressed. Your family mean so much to you Cancer. You feel so much love for your close relatives and that's why their happiness is important to you. If ever anyone in your family is suffering, either through health, worry about their job, romance or the future, then Cancer, you will come out in sympathy pains. Because you will be suffering for them too.

Now how might you recognise symptoms of stress? Well Cancer is an emotional sign so it's quite normal for you to cry at weddings and for you to have the box of Kleenex close at hand when watching romantic films. When, however, you find yourself crying while ironing, cleaning the house or gardening, for no apparent reason, then perhaps you might start wondering why. Yes if, for no real reason, you start crying easily or sleeping badly and if you start suffering from unaccountable stomach upsets, then this is the time Cancer, to wonder whether perhaps you are under too much pressure.

In order to cope with stress, you must feel as if you have some degree of control over the situation which is causing you to feel so tense and nervous. If, for instance, there is contention within the family, then why not get all members of the household together and discuss ways to make life easier for you all? Just as, if there is disagreement in other areas of your life, talking to others and gaining the support of the people around you will help you feel so much more comfortable.

Remember then, that the way for Cancerians to cope with stress is to share your problems. Talk to people you feel comfortable with. Share your feelings and you'll feel so much better in simply knowing that there is support out there, whenever you should need it.

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