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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd
Stress is rather a strange word because it can mean something different to everyone. Some people will insist there's no such thing, others seek out stressful situations for the thrill of it all while there are those who simply can't deal with any amount of pressure. Stress therefore affects people in different ways and for different reasons. Now as a Libran, you don't always find it easy to make decisions and you can find it quite stressful when you're faced with having to make choices. Don't feel guilty about this. It is natural for a Libran to feel this way because you have the ability to see all sides of an issue. And therefore, you're bound to take longer than others, to make your mind up.

Now most choices and decisions involve a certain amount of risk. Some people will do anything to avoid risk. You too might be the kind of person who likes to know exactly where you are. You don't want to think about a future that sees you in a totally different position to where you are today.

The idea of change might also cause you some degree of tension. But sometimes you can't avoid making changes. They may even be forced upon you and there's no choice but to get on with life, however much you resent this. One thing you're bound to resent is the idea that it is other people who are making the decisions that bring changes into YOUR life. But if this can't be avoided, the last thing you want is to become bitter and even hostile because of it. Would it not be easier to show a more willing face to the world? Be optimistic. Try to think of all the positive things that might come about through these changes. If this is too difficult, then try telling yourself that life is full of ups and downs. Nothing stays the same and fate has you turning yet another corner. What's around the corner, you don't yet know. But if there's no way to avoid it, then you must be willing to face up to new challenges. And you never know, you just might get to enjoy them!

Where would we be without change? We've become so accustomed to using four wheels to get from A to B, flicking a switch and lighting up a whole room from the one bulb, cooking a meal within ten minutes in a microwave oven. Yet it wasn't always so, was it? It has to be said that change is often a good thing. It can bring improvements into our lives. It can go the other way too, but as I said before, with change and choice there is a degree of risk. You don't get anywhere without daring to try and often, he who dares, wins.

Sometimes reluctance to change is not about the change itself but because other folk are trying to get you to change your mind. Maybe your confusion comes through people trying to put you off and their negativity is rubbing off on you. If this is so, then you must be decisive and you mustn't be so influenced by others. It's YOUR life, not theirs, and you must do things that are right for you, not them. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

Also, if others find it hard to accept the changes that you happen to be initiating, this mustn't deter you from your aims. If you have the courage to step through new doors and enjoy new experiences, then go ahead. Eventually others will accept that you know your own mind. Indeed, they may secretly envy you for your daring.

I now leave you with something to consider, if you're dithering about decisions that might bring about a few changes. Could it not be that you should strike while the iron is hot? Remember that "it will be too late to grieve when the chance is past."

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