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PISCES - February 20th - March 20th
Pisces is a Water sign and as a person, you are passionate and emotional. Now stress and tension affect people in different ways and I want to concentrate on your feelings and emotions as I feel that this will be the area you must consider important, when considering how to handle tension.

Pisces, sometimes it's hard to deal with emotions that are felt so strongly especially when others don't seem to appreciate their intensity. Sometimes people will laugh at things which happen to mean a lot to you. And it's hard to get on with life when you feel like screaming and hiding for cover. But eventually the tears will dry and life will go on, despite the hurt you're now feeling inside.

No doubt the advice coming your way from others will probably be for you to 'forget the past' and something along the lines that 'time heals all wounds'. - Typical, don't you agree! - However, pain and suffering is not something to be embarrassed about. It's part of life and living isn't it? I mean, our pain helps us to understand the full meaning of being human. So don't fight pain. It is an experience that often must be endured in order for you to grow and mature. A life without pain would be dull and meaningless. So look upon the hurt and pain you're now feeling as an important step in your life. Often, after pain, new doors will open and there's the opportunity for something new to enter your life. Pain is therefore a possibility, not a liability.

It seems appropriate behaviour to keep our feelings to ourselves, doesn't it? From an early age, children are taught not to show their emotions. They should be quiet and serene, and they must suppress their joy, giggles and laughter. Yet it's now also accepted that to suppress feelings can be a dangerous thing. Just because they don't show doesn't mean they've vanished altogether, and they WILL come out in various ways... eventually.

What I'm trying to say, is that it's important for you to face up to the hurt and disappointment you sometimes feel in times of stress and high tension. Don't try and hide it and don't suppress it. Admit to it. Accept it and be honest with yourself. That way, you'll be able to deal with the situation more candidly. And probably more swiftly too.

How are you coping in these troubled times? Could it be that you're choosing to socialise more, mixing with others rather than being on your own. Keeping your mind occupied and the company of others often sounds better than being alone with your thoughts. But is this really the right thing to do? How can you come to terms with your feelings and emotions if you don't give yourself time to think about them? - How precious are the moments that you spend on your own. How special are those moments when you can dig deep within yourself and grasp the reason why you're feeling so piqued or angry. Once you do this, you can then make a firm decision on how you're going to let this current situation effect the future. Are you going to continue smarting or are you going to get on with your life? Put past disappointments down to experience - yet another lesson in the rich tapestry of life. - But life goes on and there's so much to enjoy once you come to terms with those hurt feelings.

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