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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
You were born under the ninth sign and of all the signs of the zodiac, Sagittarians value their personal freedom. And yet, when burdens and other responsibilities start getting on top of you, freedom is a word that seems to apply to other folk, isn't it? You feel there's less liberty to choose what you do with your time when there are so many other things expected of you. Indeed, you might feel as if your time is not your own any more.

Yet why can't you have the freedom to do what you want to do? Do you feel that others are depending on you so much that you can't let them down? Maybe you feel as if the security you've built for yourself and your family will be shattered if you eased off on your responsibilities. But let me put this another way. If you DO continue working as hard as you do, feeling as you feel now, where is this going to lead? What effect will it eventually have on your health? Could it be that you should start thinking about making changes NOW while you're in control, before something might happen which could take that decision out of your hands. Constant work leads to nervous exhaustion. If you feel your life is lacking in some way (especially in the leisure and pleasure department) then no matter what other people might say, it's time to start taking care of yourself. It's time to loosen-up a bit and to enjoy life more.

That's easier said than done, you may be thinking. But it might also be that too much responsibility has given you a negative outlook on life. You must now begin on a more positive approach. You must look for ways to improve the situation. Have faith in yourself and above all, you MUST believe you can do it.

Maybe you've forgotten all about those things you'd dreamed for yourself all those years ago. Maybe you feel that it's childish to live in hope and anticipation. But you're never to old to enjoy yourself and you never know what tomorrow might bring. There's no harm in arranging things to make life more exciting. There's no harm in dreams of a happier, rosier tomorrow. Indeed, it is often these dreams that will inspire us to take positive action to make life more satisfying. Sometimes people reach a stage where they've lost hope and their belief in future possibilities. But to be without hopes and dreams is almost like losing faith in yourself. Hope springs eternal and you must NEVER think that it's too late to make some of your dreams come true. Start now by choosing to take a more positive and optimistic approach to the future.

Of course, no one has complete freedom. Life will always have it's responsibilities. But I leave you with something to think about and ponder on. Life shouldn't really be so constricting, should it, when really Sagittarius, you have the freedom to choose your own burdens.

I've placed stress on the word 'freedom' and why is this? Well, imagine the symbol of your sign, the centaur about to fire his arrow. Imagine that arrow flying through the air and that arrow, Sagittarius, is you. That's why you hate feeling curbed and restricted and that's why, in times of stress, you start feeling more stifled and angry. Now I've said you'll feel better to have the freedom of choice, but also Sagittarius, I'd suggest that in times of high tension, get out into the open air. Spend time relaxing in wide open spaces. You might be surprised at how this will ease the tension and at the benefits such activities as sport, walking and cycling will bring.


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