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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd
Scorpio, do you feel as if life is getting more and more demanding? Are you worried about what the future holds when you see nothing for yourself other than a continuation of heavy responsibility from the past? Do you wonder how you managed to get into this situation in the first place and more importantly, are you starting to lose hope? - Past dreams and ambitions being shattered by the sharp shock of reality?

Now there's nothing wrong with duty. Commitments, responsibilities and obligations all go towards enriching your character. They make you the responsible person that you are. But when duty gets to become a burden and starts taking over your life, it's time perhaps to have a good think about this. First of all you must decide whether you're comfortable with current obligations. Are they really necessary? Do you get any satisfaction from them or are they leaving you with no time to call your own? Duty should be a branch - a by-product - of ourselves, what we value and what is important to us. It shouldn't swamp you so much that you lose touch with the real you.

Just as the body gets tired and needs rest to recuperate, your mind and spirit also need a lift at times in order to make you feel more cheerful and even hopeful. You can't carry on feeling dull and miserable all the time but it's up to you to do something positive about this. If others are demanding too much from you, they may not realise how you really feel. Have you tried talking to them? If you have and you get the impression that they're taking advantage of your good nature, then again, it's important to change things so that you're not the one who's always left holding the baby.

Has having too much responsibility left you so drained of energy that you cannot be assertive and you won't look after your own rights? If so, then call upon those hidden reserves, deep down within you. Make one last effort to find the initiative and do something to change your life so that duties are delegated, responsibility shared and you get the rest and relaxation you're currently in need of.

Sometimes folk stick with the same situation day in and day out when others would have given up on it years ago. But what good is such persistence doing? People get this crazy idea that if they hang on, things will change but do they? Could it be that it is this very persistence that's intensifying an already miserable situation. It might help if you took some time away from your usual environment. Seek out a change of scene and then view your life from a distance. This might help you come up with the solutions to your problem.

Remember then, that in some situations, it is better to leave just as perseverance WILL work in others. What you have to do is decide which is which and then act accordingly.   

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