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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Stress effects everyone differently. Not only this but it isn't always easy to pinpoint exactly what causes stress. Some people can handle a huge amount of responsibility before apparently crumbling under pressure - perhaps that someone is you? Whilst others feel stressed and unable to cope when asked to deal with more than two things at once. This, I have to say, does NOT describe a Taurean!

Taureans are hard workers and you can work for sustained periods of time. But everyone has their limit and you must learn to recognise signs that your conscientious, hard-working nature has taken on too much. For Taureans, stress might show itself through accident-proneness (which I have to say, is unusual for you) and if you catch constant colds and never feel wholly healthy.

Taureans are generally patient and placid people but when under stress you can become critical of others, irritable and sometimes a little scathing towards others.

Now I mentioned that different things can cause stress in people and one example is when some people can live happily amongst clutter and disorder. You are not, however, one of them. Taureans like to have everything in their life tidy and in order. You thrive on stability and security and if these aspects of your life are ever threatened, you would feel stressed. If you find yourself living or working among untidy people, you would feel aggravated. If you ever had your future security threatened such as through job loss, a change in income, being forced to move or make changes you don't feel comfortable with - this Taurus, is when you would feel mostly under stress.

Well, I've talked about the possible causes of stress for Taureans and the way you might react when under pressure, or in other words, the physical and emotional symptoms of stress. So now I'd like to tell you how you might handle stress.

Taureans are more introverted than outgoing. You 'appreciate' peace, calm and activity. Without times of solitude and quiet, you could well feel yourself getting stressed as you need quiet in order to get your thoughts in order. It's important then, t go out of your way to achieve these special moments when you can feel completely relaxed and at ease with yourself. This can be in private, but it can also be in the company of people who you enjoy being with.

Taurus is an Earth sign and there is something about the open air and countryside that does your health the world of good. Some Taureans can find complete relaxation through camping or hiking in way-out places which aren't frequented by a lot of people. You might enjoy gardening and granted, it can be hard work, but my, it makes you feel good! Remember then, that when under stress, you need peace and quiet. You need to feel able to get in touch with your true thoughts and feelings and Taurus, you might find this through being out in the countryside. - Why not try it and see?   

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