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VIRGO - August 24th - September 23rd
Virgo, I imagine your life's something like the roadrunner cartoon character. As soon as your alarm clock goes off, you're up and running. There's always something to do and no time to stop. Even as you grab a quick morning coffee, there's a dozen jobs still waiting to be done and you feel almost guilty about grabbing a second's rest. Well from this day onwards, stop being so hard on yourself. You're only human and you've only got the one pair of hands.

There are a number of ways to find release from stress and tension and one of them is fun and laughter. Laughter is a gift we all share and a wonderful release when you're feeling tense and nervous. So, in times of stress, why don't you visit your local video shop and seek out a really good comedy? Forget about everything else and get totally involved with the movie. By doing so, you'll be taking your first step towards learning once again, what it is to relax and have fun.

Now don't tell me there's no time to relax. What is more important Virgo, your health and general well-being or continuing the way you are? You lead the type of life which will at times make you feel run-down and exhausted. So, are you going to allow this to continue or do you start slackening off and enjoying yourself more? If you have to think about this question, you're putting duty before pleasure. It's time to change your outlook - not tomorrow, next week or next year. Relaxation isn't something that's earned. It's something your mind and body needs to recharge your batteries. Regular relaxation is therefore a must.

It's crazy really that the more responsibility you have and the more you take on for others, the less time you give to yourself. Virgo is related to the sixth house of health and I bet you'd be the first to insist that your friends and loved-ones should look after their health and enjoy periods of rest. But do you care for yourself in such a way? Are you so concerned with the needs of others, that you fail to recognise your own? Maybe you should spend some time getting in touch with your inner-self. Learn to recognise your body's limitations. Learn to recognise signs of tension and stress and learn how to say "No." Remember the lazy, hazy days of your childhood. Remember what it was like to have no worries and cares. Don't think you can't start feeling the same way again. Maybe it won't last, but even through a change of scene, you can try to switch off and forget responsibility for a while.

Get close to nature. Enjoy the spaciousness and silence of the countryside. Ancient folk knew that being close to nature helped to release curative and creative energies. Sit by a river and listen to the water flow. Leave your watch at home. Let your mind wander. Force yourself to arrange these moments of relaxation and then you'll find that rather than feeling obliged to relax, you're actually enjoying it. Rather than worrying that you can't relax you'll realise that it's an important part of life. You aren't a robot. As well as routine, responsibility, obligations and burdens, you must think of your own needs too. And one very important need is to take time of to relax. - Don't think you've forgotten how. Do it, and you'll see what you've been missing for such a long, long time.

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