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AQUARIUS - January 21st - February 19th
Ideally, as a mother of an Aquarian teenager, you should be patient, tolerant and virtually 'unshockable!' For those born under this sign of the Water Bearer are not only extremely individualistic, but modern, freedom-loving and most of all unpredictable. Your Aquarian teenager may leave the house one morning in suit and tie, to return in the evening with a mop of purple hair and studs all over their body. However, there'll probably be a number of these phases (their experimenting with different images and lifestyles) and to tolerate them without showing too much objection or annoyance will probably be the easiest way of handling your Aquarian teenager. A leopard can't change his spots and neither can the Aquarian be expected to steer their restless and independent nature into a nine-to-five routine or dull career. Allow them as much freedom as possible to pursue their own interests. Otherwise the rebellious side of their nature may surface and believe me, this could be more difficult to deal with than their unusual and unpredictable phases!   

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