Each type of personality has an individual approach and expects different standards in a relationship. A glance at your partner’s Sun Sign below will give you some indication on how he will react to a long-term union or marriage.


Your Aries partner will not have entered into this relationship lightly. He will be putting numerous affairs behind him once he decides on the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. And you therefore must be very special to him. However, having ‘tied the knot’ in your relationship will not make him any less attractive to other women. You will therefore need to show an intelligent understanding of his needs and he will be expecting you to be extremely demonstrative.
Although he will be a demanding and faithful lover, you might also need to have a good many ideas on how to keep your partner continually interested and satisfied as the relationship develops.


The man born under the sign of the Bull will love his home and family. He will be generous towards you and your family, taking as much interest in household affairs as you do. For he does enjoy his material possessions and he will appreciate beautiful and comfortable home-surroundings.
Your Taurus husband/partner will be serious about his marital relationship. He will have meant every word of the vows he has made with you and his future plans will therefore be tightly woven around you and your family. He may be a jealous lover. But he will be a good provider. He will make sure you feel well and truly loved and appreciated. Even after years of being together, he will still regularly remind you of how much he loves you and you in turn, should never, therefore, have cause to arouse his jealous tendencies!


Your Gemini partner needs lots of understanding and you need to be a particularly tolerant and undemanding wife. Restless by nature, with a love of variety and change, your Gemini man will not change his spots just because he is in a longstanding relationship. Therefore, a possessive, demanding or jealous wife would not suit him at all. Indeed, if you begin to show such tendencies, he will probably have no qualms about putting an end to your relationship!


Cancer is the sign most associated with home and family and your Cancerian partner won’t disappoint you if you are hoping for a home-loving, dependable and affectionate partner. In return, he will however demand similar qualities from you.
Domestic and family responsibilities will figure chiefly in his life and therefore, he will never be a one to wander from an established and contented domestic environment. His moodiness may call for an emotionally-understanding wife but his devotion towards his family will more than compensate for his changeable moods.


‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ and the Leo husband is the epitome of this popular saying! Your partner will take his family life seriously as he rules over his roost, generously providing his loved-ones with both material and emotional support.
He will respect you if you are an attractive wife who is happy to ‘look up’ to him. But if you raise too many objections to his decisions, or criticise his actions, he will demonstrate the more fixed and fiery side to his nature to outline just who is the boss of the family!


The Virgo man will probably marry later in life than is usual for it will take much searching and emotional experience before he is ready to admit to having found the woman who meets with the critical standards he expects of a wife.
You might be disappointed, I think, if you expect to be ‘swept off your feet’ in a blaze of passion. For your man doesn’t go in for passionate displays of emotion. However, he will make a steady, reliable and practical (even if somewhat ‘exacting’) husband!


With excellent manners, good dress sense, handsome looks and oodles of charm, your Libran partner may seem to possess ideal qualities to make a perfect husband. But being married to this good looking ‘idol’ will also demand a certain amount of tolerance from you. For he may continue his flirtatious ways, even after marriage.
He would never be happy to have his social relationships with either sex terminated just because of marriage. Just as he will still expect a certain amount of personal freedom within his marital relationship. A possessive, jealous or demanding wife, would, therefore, find her attempts to keep her Libran husband on a leash totally frustrated.


Being married to a Scorpio will not be particularly conducive to a relaxing or straight-forward married life. For although he will be an absolutely wonderful lover, this husband will need a special type of wife to deal efficiently with his jealous and demanding tendencies.
Scorpios are suspicious by nature. Therefore, early in your relationship, you will have needed to have developed ways in which to deal with this darker side of your partner’s character. However, if you are searching for the ‘romantic novel’ type ‘hero’: strong, demanding and passionate, yet faithful, loving and basically understanding, then you will find your wish is fulfilled in your Scorpio husband.


Those born under the sign of the Archer are not ideal husband material. Especially if you are the type of woman who demands a secure, passionate and home-loving partner. And yet, the Sagittarian husband has a lot to offer you if you are less demanding and more of an adventurous woman. For his love of change will attract excitement and variety into your lives; his broad-minded intellect will make him a wonderfully witty companion. And his easy-going, tolerant nature will also allow you the freedom to pursue your own outside interests with no hint of guilt.


If you are an independent, extravagant woman, you might find the conservative, practical and cautious Capricorn, too limiting in his expectations of a wife. For this man will demand a one-hundred-per-cent faithful, dependable and devoted companion. You will be allowed very little personal freedom and you will be expected to arrange your life to suit his routines. Are you ready for this?
Your partner will provide you with security. The Capricorn husband will be an excellent provider. But he will want to know how you intend to spend your money. He will also try to talk you out of making any extravagant or unwise expenditure.
He can be relied on not to wander away from home. He can always be depended on and he will be devoted, in his own way, to his family. That makes him a reliable but slightly demanding partner.


In the Aquarius husband, you will find a basically tolerant, undemanding and easy-going partner. He will not object to you pursuing your own interests. Neither will he expect you to always be at home with a hot meal waiting for him. If you’re not there, he will adequately manage himself, even if this will be a quick visit to the local takeaway.
His friendships and group involvements will be a basic necessity and you must understand and accept this side of his nature. You must allow him his independence outside marriage and you must never show jealous or possessive tendencies. Otherwise your Aquarian man might offer the ultimatum that you accept him the way he is, or find someone else!


Your Pisces partner will provide you with emotional security, knowledge that you are deeply loved and a generous supply of gifts and tokens of his affection for you.
But you can’t however, expect an absolutely stable home environment. Your husband will make money but he will spend it just as quickly. He will be kind and considerate but he will show deep hurt and emotional jealousy should he feel he is being betrayed. A loving and sensitive partner your Pisces husband may well be, but he’s not always reliable. Neither is he particularly practical when it comes to being the ‘man of the house’!

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