2022 Year Ahead

Your Personal Year Ahead Horoscope Forecast for 2022 is now available!

Discover How Your Personal Horoscope for 2022 Can Reveal Priceless Opportunities In Your Life!

Join Thousands of Others Who Rely on Their Personal Horoscope Forecast for a Quick, Precise and Powerful Analysis Of Their Day.

Each forecast contains your personal Daily Horoscope for every day of 2022!

What better way to start the New Year then with your very Daily guide to 2022!

You can choose to receive your personalised Year Ahead report via email or you can select
the beautifully Printed, bound and posted version (UK mainland only) – Simply upgrade at checkout to receive your
one-stop printed and bound report.

It’s time to stop roaming around through life in the dark!

This is your opportunity to seize control and start having the things you always wanted. As your personal astrologer, I can help you to make a big difference in your life in 2022.

How can an astrologer help you get more out of your life?

It all begins with knowing the exact time and place your were born. At that moment when you drew your first breath, the planets were aligned in a very precise way that created a startlingly clear picture of many trends in your future! It’s sometimes difficult to know the exact time you were born – try asking relatives, if there is no way of knowing you should select sunrise 06:00hrs (6am); the closer you are to your time of birth will make your reading more precise!

My role as an astrologer is to map out the heavens and translate what the planets are saying about your destiny. The information I give you will often be subtle and other times it may be obvious. You can use this information to your advantage.

I have been an astrologer for over 40 years and it has been my privilege to be a trusted astrological advisor to royalty, politicians and celebrities who have consulted me privately for years.

My Personal Horoscope for 2022 enables me to offer you my services as well.

“Russell told me things and was a true inspiration at a time that was probably the most difficult in my life so far. Not only was he kind and confidential, but he was spot on! Due to his help, I was able to face one of my biggest fears head on and he not only got me through, but I was able to enjoy and conquer it at that moment too. I will always thank him for giving me hope, after all, life without it is truly miserable. Thanks Russ X Martine.” Martine McCutcheon, British Actress and Singer

Don’t Let Needless Worrying Stop You From Enjoying Life – Knowledge is Power, Which is Why Your Personal Horoscope Report for 2022 is so Powerful!

During my more than 40 years as an astrologer and guide, I’ve seen astrology do so much for my clients. People have changed direction in their lives. Some have finally seen the window of opportunity they had waited for and went on to life-changing success. I’ve also seen years of worry and fears melt away after someone received my astrological analysis and explanations. And so many relationships have often found new direction and grown from strength to strength after gaining unique understanding through astrology.

You are welcome to try a sample of my Personal
Horoscope – where I will share a little about your Year Ahead!  Not
only will you get your star sign’s Year Ahead summary – which is
fabulous, but I’ll give you part of your personal forecast, your Daily
Horoscope is created from the movement of the planets based on your
unique birth date, time and place – and not ‘general’ like the
horoscopes you may read in the newspapers!

I know what a difference a personal horoscope forecast will make in your life.
Now I can be your personal astrologer too!

Your Horoscope Report for 2022 Can Be Yours in Just Five Minutes For
around 10 pence per day!

For the low price of £29.99, you can have this invaluable report in minutes. This is truly a perfect opportunity for you to experience the full potential and power of astrology like never before.

“Don’t settle for a life that is full of doubt and second-guessing. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and start taking control today”

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