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Year Ahead 2018 – Pisces

Love: Whether you are single or attached the period between May 20th and June 13th will be the most romantic of the year. Take this opportunity to find love or enjoy more time with your amour. A disruptive Solar Eclipse on July 13th will force you to defend your lover against a “catty” group of […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Aquarius

Love: Your love life will reach a crossroads near January 31st, when a Lunar Eclipse prompts you to make up or break up. If your heart is no longer in a relationship, it’s best to part ways. Are you single? Playing the field will be lots of fun between July 11th and August 6th, when […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Capricorn

Love: Your love life will take some unusual twists and turns in 2018. After May 16th, you’ll find your tastes change dramatically. Instead of gravitating towards your usual type, you’ll fall head over heels in love with an offbeat rebel. The object of your affection may not have a regular job or lead an orthodox […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Sagittarius

Love: Towards the middle of 2018, your love life will begin to stabilise. If you are unattached you could meet someone special in the days surrounding April 16th, when you’ll be irresistibly drawn to an adventurous, pioneer spirit. At first, you’ll be charmed by this wild rebel’s unpredictable behaviour. By the time May 16th arrives, […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Scorpio

Love: Your personal magnetism will attract a lot of amorous attention. If you’re single, you’ll easily find love between February 19th and March 7th, when your powers of attraction will be irresistible. If you want to get engaged or married, the third week of April is ideal for making a lasting commitment. Are you in […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Libra

Love: An exciting love affair could blossom in mid-February, thanks to a powerful Solar Eclipse. If you’re already in a romantic relationship, your amour will have wonderful news that will be a cause for celebration. A surprise engagement or marriage is possible in the days following April 16th, thanks to an impulsive New Moon. If […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Virgo

Love: Your love life will have a fated quality this year. An accomplished person will seek out your company. Take care not to let your needs be eclipsed by theirs. Although they may be undeniably attractive, they have a tendency to command the spotlight. This can be intimidating for a modest person like you, who […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Leo

Love: 2018 will be a very romantic year for you. The excitement begins around February 15th, when a Solar Eclipse marks an energising turning point in your relationship status. A Lunar Eclipse on July 27th will tell you whether this is an affair of the heart or just a casual fling. If you’re already in […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Cancer

Love: The first ten months of 2018 have a passionate intensity that brings out the best in you. If you’re single, you will feel a powerful chemistry with someone who is cultured and intelligent. Be careful if you simply want to play the field. Even casual flirtations can deepen to obsession in the blink of […]

Year Ahead 2018 – Gemini

Love: Your best days for finding love fall between August 7th and September 10th; so be sure to attend as many parties and outings as possible during this potentially packed period. Romantic misunderstandings can occur during the first half of November; if your relationship feels strained, be patient. You’ll have a much better rapport as […]
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