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Dream Angels

The mainstream interpretation of angel dreaming has to do with human transformation. An angel dream could also mean an inheritance, good health or happiness, in love or material matters. Dream angels bring a message of consolation; symbolise an awakening, for example when the noble Archangel Michael steps into our night time reveries, he will help […]

Gastro or Astro

If life’s stresses and strains are getting to you so much acid reflux is a daily event. If you cannot digest your dinner due to the bills piling up on your mantelpiece, you are best to get medical advice, but also check out your astro chart. You see your angst could be affecting your digestive […]

Spiritual, a Dancer and Male!

Yes, being spiritual, a dancer and male is not so rare. But if you don’t really dig the Swan Lake classical ballet style of “dudes in tights” and prefer to go for something a little more exciting how about the ancient Kuda Kepang? The basis to the Javenese Kuda Kepang is that human beings need […]

Music Therapy for Chaps!

Okay chaps, ever felt goose bumps listening to a piece of “music”? Ever wanted to dance the light fantastic when a Mozart concerto hit the airwaves? In fact, you might wonder how you could ever get through a day without that special tune on your Walkman or playing full blast on the stereo. You might […]

No thank you. Don’t Drink.

When you have been hitting the bottle a little more than usual, perhaps because of stress, perhaps because of a broken heart, perhaps because you just like the feel, taste and touch of a lager you could be walking a very daunting line, that is if you can!   So what gives with the drink […]

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