Distance Healing

Metaphysical ways might seem a mystery to you, yet like many you have questions about life. You want to know whether you will find a way to resolve your problems because sometimes you feel you never will. However, you don’t believe in “things that go bump in the night” that much, even if you remember how great the experience was when your friend took you to a psychic some years ago.

Some time ago, a cardiologist called Robert Byrd discovered that patients who were prayed for recovered faster that those who were not. You have heard of such things, and you have also heard that some psychics send distant healing during a reading, if one asks specifically. In fact, you wonder if you would feel a whole lot better just because you went for such a combo. You even wonder what the result would be if you joined the metaphysical band wagon, and suddenly discovered you were convinced all that healing and psychic stuff really worked.

Remote or distant healing is a metaphysical basic, it has no pretensions, and is performed with simple prayer, or perhaps some “technique” such as tuning into Spirit Guides. Whatever the methodology it is said to enhance health and psychological well being from afar. In other words Joe Bloggs in East Cheam could ask for a healing from a Swami in Calcutta and he would receive it faster than light. This has been proved by Alain Aspect’s double blind study. Aspect joined a team of scientists at Paris University and proved that sub atomic particles communicate at long distances, and it did not seem to have much relevance how far apart they actually were! This claim was substantiated by Nicolas Gisan in 1997, in fact he found that particles connected to each other at a startling 20,000 times the speed of light. In other words, the universe is not separate at all, it is all one. This perspective is the very basis of metaphysical belief systems, and being scientifically proved is not airy fairy at all!

So do you dare imagine that by taking in a reading, and some vibrant healing energy from an online psychic you could feel a whole lot better? Well, the ball is in your court, but you might nurture a vague suspicion that this could be the case! So even if you know that some psychics are charlatans, the good news is that our psychics have been tried and tested, and offer their services with the highest motives and dare we say it, the best supernatural intentions.

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