Dream Angels

The mainstream interpretation of angel dreaming has to do with human transformation. An angel dream could also mean an inheritance, good health or happiness, in love or material matters. Dream angels bring a message of consolation; symbolise an awakening, for example when the noble Archangel Michael steps into our night time reveries, he will help us conquer arrogance, selfishness and ego. In other words, He will help us transform from caterpillar to butterfly.

John was lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life after a car accident. He dreamed he saw the Archangel Michael emanating divine love and holding a manuscript upon which was written the secrets of life! John knew if he understood those secrets he would not die. In fact, John did not die; instead he went on to live differently, more kindly, more generously. He stopped drinking, he stopped blaming others, he stopped being hard on himself. Archangel Michael’s secret was so simple; it was life equals love!

The human soul usually calls out to an angel out of need. Perhaps like John, we are going through a critical time, an accident, a loss, a profound sense of loneliness or personal pain; but when an angel drops in because we dream them but how can we tell if they real? Certainly, they will not present you with a visiting card, an email address or a blog.

A real dream angel will instil a sense of compassion.
A dream angel will transmit awe and amazement.
A dream angel can scare the dreamer with their magnificence; cause a conversion at the most, at the least a deep yearning for a godly presence.
A dream angel will leave the dreamer with a sense of vibrancy, a sense of love and faith, perhaps a determination to help their fellow man.
A dream angel brings light and trust. The power of that light is hope.

We are all living in a challenging world, anything could happen to us, we just have to read the newspaper or watch TV to know that. We are fearful, anxious and doubtful, so perhaps an angel comes into our dream to activate courage, so that we are no longer victims of circumstances. Perhaps they have come to call us to our higher mission.

Angels are strong, unaffected by habits and emotions; an angel will never be part of our sorrow, but transmit light to ease it. An Angel does not think, they are pure light, which is beyond, thinking and analysing.

If an angel visits your dreams tonight you are lucky; and if you listen to their message, you are blessed. You will be given an opportunity to live purely, and lovingly; perhaps only then will you be able to help others without self interest. In other words, you will become a human angel!

Could all these wonderful things happen just by dreaming of an angel? Well dreaming of an angel is a miracle in itself and proof that anything can happen for the good, rather than the bad! In fact, if you dream of a real angel you will experience real truth, kindness, love and compassion. So before you go to sleep tonight, ask that an angel watch over you, and your dreams!

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