Gastro or Astro

If life’s stresses and strains are getting to you so much acid reflux is a daily event. If you cannot digest your dinner due to the bills piling up on your mantelpiece, you are best to get medical advice, but also check out your astro chart. You see your angst could be affecting your digestive system and my readings, which are a mix match of starry insights and psychic predictions, could help you get the gist whatever sun sign you are. Whether you are a go getting Aries fanatically running around the block, or a down to earth Taurus with an overly wide girth your success is my priority and if you want to be warned of impending happiness you must call me.

I will take a look at the challenging aspects of your planetary picture. I will tell you if “trouble down mill!” awaits. But I also have enough psychic know-how to integrate the message of the stars and to avoid the most complex dilemmas. In other words I mix match a variety of predictive tools to give you the very best reading and preempt life’s problems in the process.

Perhaps you are an insomniac Virgo or a Libran alpha male with a smile to match your attraction quota, but a tendency to pick up the wrong guy. Whether you are a Gemini with “know it all” tendencies or a Cancer overcome by emotional challenge; whether you are a Leo with a personality disorder, or a Scorpio with a sex addiction, whatever your predicament, we can work it out. I will not only analyze the variant movements of your planets, but help you find ways to resolve virtually any astro glitch. Doom does not have to be gloom! On the contrary I can help you win through life’s obstacle race and sleep tight at night.

You see, even the worst crisis can morph into a better lifestyle once you get a lid on the problem. By defining the best aspects of your planetary picture I help you face up to your doubts and guide you forward as we discuss the various opportunities just around the corner, and those wishes waiting to be fulfilled.

The advantage to a psychic astrologer is that we do not just bounce off planetary placements, but read into the deeper aspects of your personality with our empathic gifts. In other words you do not have to live a guilt racked limited lifestyle anymore once you understand why your Scorpio rising clashes with your Leo sun sign and take all the necessary precautions to debunk an inner power struggle.

If you are open to hearing what I have to say, and are ready to transform, call me, I am waiting by the phone only too happy to ensure my astro insights calm down your angst. In other words being less gastro and more astro is a very good thing!

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