He Ripped Off My Mum!

Lesley met Dan on an on line dating site, her children were upset about it. Granted she was a widow, and felt lonely, but the way she was carrying on with that man was just not on they said. She was telling him everything about her personal life, no holds barred.

Tracey, Lesley’s daughter rang us for help. We put her through to Dan one of our more down to earth psychics.

“Gerry, my sister and I, are really worried. Our mum is lending money to this guy called Reggie. She sends it in to his pay pal account. He has told her his business is going under, and she believed him. She is helping him out. I can’t believe this!”

“I bet you can’t honey since she has not even met him face to face!” Dan said.

“I know, she is so naïve, I just wonder what that guy told her to get her to open her purse strings, but one thing is for sure, he is a con artist, and a good one!”

Dan got to the point fast ”Yes he is, a very good one. Your mother is not the only one he has bamboozled and she will end up with egg on her face I am sorry to say, but I know you will be standing behind her to catch her when she falls.

“I sense this man is giving your mum his mobile phone number but not his land line so get your mum to ask for his work email address and telephone number plus his home landline number. You can use Google and Facebook to check whether it is correct, that information.”

Dan predicted that the guy was s planning to ask Lesley for a huge amount of money.

” Remember being a con artist is just that, an art,” Dan said. “And he has his spiel down to the last full stop. Your mother is totally blinded by hid compliments, by his encouragement, by his support. She wants to believe he loves her, she really does!

“But this will sort out, however your mother will lose in the region of a thousand pounds before she wakes up to the swindle!”

Our psychics can spot a low vibration, an off sensation at thirty paces! If you need clarity as to whether to trust that unusual business deal, whether to take up that weird job offer or move to Zanzibar with a hot lover call us first. You might discover that nasties are lurking under the surface, even things you never imagined or thought possible. We can deliver accurate and astounding readings, you will be surprised how much our psychics can see and predict. To avoid getting done, make it a rule of thumb to call a psychic before signing on that dotted line!

It is always a good idea to ask for a psychic reading before you branch into anything new, you will be shown the lay of the land, the advantages and disadvantages of a new deal, and advised accordingly.

So yes, as Dan predicted, Lesley’s mum was ripped off, but she also learned a very important lesson, all that glitters is not gold and if you are going to lend someone money, make sure you know exactly where they live.

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