Music Therapy for Chaps!

Okay chaps, ever felt goose bumps listening to a piece of “music”? Ever wanted to dance the light fantastic when a Mozart concerto hit the airwaves? In fact, you might wonder how you could ever get through a day without that special tune on your Walkman or playing full blast on the stereo. You might be one of those dudes who even has a stereo playing softly in the shower! Good music makes old neurons youth! A study in the Neuropsychology Journal even maintains that listening to music, as per hot guitar, can keep your brain neurons frisky into old age.


Doctor Levitin is certain that music stimulates the same areas of the brain as tranquilizers or similar drugs. As a result of good music, dopamine is produced, this is the hormone of well being and its flow through the bloodstream creates a buzz that calms the soul. In short, good music will see your blood vessels expanding even if you are a super edgy dude who believes nothing is going right in his world.


If you think about it, listening to a fave Michael Jackson song, or even Wagner’s “Ring Cycle”, might be more de-stressing than a lager down the pub! And yet, if the pub is playing some pipe music in the background there, you might be encouraged to order another Guinness. Good music keeps you in the present, and inspires the soul. In fact, you might be one of those guys who gets really crabby when they actually turn off the piped music in the department store!! So what gives?


Well what gives is that music in restaurants, pubs and department stores increases sales by nearly forty percent! Clients feel more upbeat about spending “loads of money” if they hear a sweet tune tinkling in their ear, even if it is in a bank!


Music therapy will start calming down the soul. The therapy itself uses diverse techniques to help a fretful guy soften his inner core. For example, you could be asked to lie down on a mattress and meditate on a classical piece of music during a session. The result is you will see visions and fell inner emotions more strongly and eventually all those anxieties melt away like “ice in the sun”. In fact, the music therapist will make sure you avoid being carried away into the nether regions of existence and for a little while “think beauty and love.”


However, if you want to obtain the maximum benefit when listening to music breathe deeply and relax into the rhythm. Hum the melody, let it flow over you and be happy, because music will always bring you back to yourself, and help you overcome challenges.

Because yes, Frank Sinatra warbling in the background does encourage the romantic marathon? However, the classic versions of music can accentuate the dignified, more focused, and far more positive personality traits. So turn on the stereo now, and let your spirit be carried away to the higher echelons. New Age Music could do that for you, yes harps tinkling and angel’s singing keeps the spirits up!


A meditation or guided visualisation programme comes to life with a musical background. In fact, psychics regularly listen to sublime music to inspire their readings and healing sessions. So go on, we dare you, play that Messiah CD Gran gave you last Christmas! You have been warned you could end up with a big melodic grin on your face! In that case, a psychic could tell you that “your soul is expanding!” and it is expanding fast!

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