My Boyfriend Fancied My Mother

Daisy was convinced Derek was the next best thing to sliced bread; her friends called them “Bonnie and Clyde” since to all intents and purposes they were quite an item and constantly up to mischief.

Derek was a lookalike for Chris Martin; Daisy was just Daisy, pretty and vivacious. They met at her girl friend’s wedding and even if it was not love at first sight, it was super attraction. In fact, they more than hit it off, with Daisy laughing and giggling at Derek’s sense of humour, a mix between Jim Carey and Eddie Izzard… she told him, just hilarious!

“Our relationship was so great, we used to love joking around, doing risky stuff like bungee jumping, but then it happened!” Daisy was in tears as she confided in Ian, one of our top psychics.

“I took Derek home to meet my mum, she had just divorced dad, it was a hard time for us, and she was feeling lonely, I thought his Derek’s fun company would cheer her up. He was as hilarious as always, and he told mum she was fabulous.

“Mum is fabulous, she looks at least ten years younger than her age, and she has kept her figure. I don’t know how she does it!

“I also don’t know how she managed to charm Derek, but she did. She just laughed and laughed. He ignored me completely, all he did was continue to joke around with her. I went out to get some cigarettes and when I came back I saw them through the kitchen window, they were kissing. I completely freaked.”

Daisy broke down, Ian listened patiently.

“I feel so betrayed, so hurt” she sobbed. How could mum do this to me, how could she steal my boyfriend?”

Ian looked at the tarot cards. “Yes, I can see a sudden breakdown in the family. But Daisy you know this better than me, your mum is a tad domineering, now this is your opportunity to detach, to grow up and become the wonderful person you were meant to be, different to your mum, and very beautiful.

“Anyway, I am shown that Derek is attracted to older women, and is a bit of a card. You on the other hand are due to meet someone who will adore you for who you are. Can you take that in?”

Daisy mumbled “I suppose so. It seems impossible!”

“Your relationship with Derek is over, and it will be over for your mum too.”

“She is devastated by what happened! She never meant to hurt you, it was one mad moment.”

“But good will come out of this, I promise!”

Good did come of it, in Daisy called us back six months later. She had found her feet, got a promotion at work and met Steve. She is still not on good terms with her mum, but working at forgiving her.

“Steve is the best thing that could have happened to me” she told Ian.

A psychic will guide you through the most painful events; even point out the blessings in disguise, honing in immediately, their dedication to your issue one of a kind. Daisy told us that Ian’s advice had been terrific, and to boot everything he told her happened!

So even if you feel you are walking on broken glass, call us now, you might make some surprising new discoveries.

The names have been changed to protect client anonymity.

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