My Boyfriend Is Bisex!

James is gorgeous; in fact his mates call him “The Bond”, a lookalike for Shaun Connery, in his younger years of course. When James and Lilly were out and about, male and female heads turned, it was his charisma, Lilly told Roberta, her favourite reader.

Lilly began to suspect something was not quite “on” with her new boyfriend at her girl friend’s birthday party. There was a hunky man in the room and he made a beeline for James; their excessive mirth, and rather risqué repartee had Lilly feeling uncomfortable, so she moved on to chat to other folks in the room.

Lilley and James had known each other for just six weeks, and of course he was a charming chap, but could he be attracting men “in that way!”

Roberta was reassuring. “You know honey, don’t take this personally, being bisex just happens to be the way some folks are. He obviously finds you attractive. As I lay the cards out, I can see that, but I can also see he will never give up on men, in fact he has a lover, did you know about him?”

“Gosh no, I had absolutely no idea”, Lilley exclaimed, shocked.

“James will always be a challenge but I am shown you do have some positive alternatives. You could keep him as a friend. You could accept the situation, but I know that would be hard. One other solution is just ending it. Of course, I cannot tell you what to do however if you were to walk you would meet someone new within weeks.”

Lilley rung Roberta to tell her she had given up on James in the romantic sense, but that they were great friends. They even go out in foursomes, Lilly and her new boyfriend, and James and his “flavor of the month!”

“It all worked out okay in the end” she told Roberta even though I was so shocked.

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