Russell Grant reveals all about the Royal Baby

Born on 23 April, 2018 at 11:01, the new royal baby is a Taurus with Cancer rising just like his sister, Princess Charlotte. Astrological signatures often run through families and the sign Cancer is strong in the royal family’s astrology, Prince William and Prince George both being Cancerians as was Princess Diana. The new prince’s mother, Kate, has the Moon in Cancer. More than any other sign of the zodiac, Cancerians work diligently to preserve and protect family bonds and traditions and with Cancer rising, the new royal will have a strong sense of family values.

Cancer rising will also soften the more rigid qualities of Taurus. Babies born on this day for English patriots will be grounded pragmatists. They will be as charming as they are stubborn with strong likes and dislikes. Taurus children are creative and well-mannered and above all, with five planets in Earth signs, the new royal baby will take a conventional approach to life with a strong longing for stability and simplicity.

Did you know…

Russell presented Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother with her astrological chart in March 1978 becoming the first ‘Astrologer Royal’ in 400 years.

Princess Diana – as she became known to the world – and Russell remained discreetly in touch after their public meeting at the Royal Command Performance. It was here HRH told all the gathered celebrities, stars and royals back stage how Russell “had brightened her mornings when having Prince Harry.” From 1984 until mid 2004 Russell never revealed their continuing friendship as Diana’s mentor. It was only when Paul Burrell, Diana’s butler, on his book tour in the USA told viewers on a major talk show when asked if Diana really did consult astrologists he revealed “Oh yes, but the only one she ever trusted was Russell Grant”.

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