Sun Signs Favourite Pet Dog


Aries likes to make a point and what could be a better point than the Giant Schnauzer. Its size does matter, and will impress when running besides the sporty Aries’ jogging forays, plus its devotion will melt that fiery Aries heart. This independent sign will withstand their dog’s devotional intensity because they are one super guard dog, scary enough for low lives, cuddly enough for good hearted folk. Just the job for an independent sign who likes to make a lasting impression.


Taurus would have to go for the Beagle. Why? Well first and foremost they have lookalike Taurean ways, being both willful and stubborn. Secondly, the grounded Taurus will enjoy the company of an extrovert breed they can count on. Even though this hound might not be super bright in the grey matter department, it will come up to the plate in the dependable stakes. Taurus and Beagle will inevitably morph into soul mates as they roll in the fields!


Alert Gemini’s pet choice has to be sharp and canine. What could be sharper than that “lookalike” for human intelligence the very special Shetland sheepdog? Okay, they can be shy, and could tend to herd Gemini friends into groups at parties, but they are very friendly to children and love to communicate in doggy shorthand with their owners. Long walks and canine chats will make these two cuddly pals for life.


Cancer is so sensitive and caring they prefer “an up close and personal” pet. What could fit the bill more resoundingly than that number one on the “Canine Popularity Hit List”, the Golden Retriever? This hound’s easy going, loving nature, inspiring intelligence, and devotion to their owners, could have them morphing into a Cancer lookalike for a four legged offspring! The water sign will project maternal yearnings on to the hound, spoiling with tit bits and walkies on the beach!


Even though the sometimes lazy Lion usually dresses to impress, when it comes to dogs, they tend to choose both slippers and party pumps. Going for the versatile Yorkie is their best bet, these easy going, stay at home/take-them-anywhere mini hounds are playful fun and frolics whether stretching out on the couch, all petite and party-pretty, or munching their doggy bags in top notch restaurants. Walkies once a day might be required, but this is a dog that adores Leo’s high level entertaining standards, whether on the home front or the “glitterati” trail.


Virgo’s are purists, even when it comes to their canine friends. So choosing the German Shepherd is the right earth sign move. These dogs are brave, and protective of their owners. German Shepherd and Virgo’s ease each other’s mutual anxiety and stand by each other with perfect adoration. German Shepherds need a purpose in life, just like Virgo, which is to be of use. Train them to look after a sick partner, seek out lost objects, or protect children and Virgos plus faithful companion will do walkies down the trail of happy ever afters!


Libra has exquisite taste and a yearning for beautiful things, even in their pets. The Cuban Havenese, also known as the “Haberneros”, will fit their bill. This is a diminutive yet good-looking, long-haired creature who loves to be adored Latin Style. In fact they will worship Libran patrons given the right doggy hairdresser and loads of licks. Likely to be a little yapper if frustrated, if cared for this hound will button down its lip. A small breed that does not need too many walkies the “Haberneros” will be a matching companion to the creative and elegant Libra’s stylish lifestyle.


See a Scorpio and his dog strutting down the high street in mutual black leather vest and collar, and you could get the wrong impression. Intense Scorpio’s soul mate canine can only be the Rottweiler! They have the same scary reputation. Yet like our Scorpio friend this dog is as kind as it is intense, as sensitive as it is complex. These dogs tend to merge with their patrons, and if the boss is violent, these four legged hunks will bite to the bone! However, a loving master will make sure this dog a one off in the “very special canine” department.


Sagittarius knows that man’s best friend is his stalwart soul companion. Yet finding the right canine soul mate is not an easy task, even for Sag. The Irish Setter ends up as the essential Saggy lookalike, energetic, tenacious, fun to play with and eager to please. This dog possesses equal fire sign enthusiasm, and is especially affectionate with Saggy’s best friends, i.e. small people, old people, and folks down on their luck. The eager Saggy will adore the bright setter that plays ball together at any given moment. These two could set the dog house alight.


Capricorn is not actually royalty, but has a tendency to blue chip friends and acquaintances. Their dog just has to fit in, and which doggy fits in better than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whose origins hark back to old China centuries ago? This is an incredibly classy and adorable companion to hold on a lead when you visit aristocratic friends and top brass acquaintances. A true blue Cappy mate indeed!


Aquarius is an unusual person, who tends to live an alternative lifestyle? Their top canine companion could be a bizarre hound that not only looks, but digs the unconventional bone or two. So what could be better than the suave Hungarian Vizsla? This elegant breed with its long, slim legs and distinctive snout is as weird as their Aquarian owners, and will be easy to train if country living is the trend. Both have tremendous energy, and will run across hills and dales enjoying their out of the ordinary relationship with savoir faire.


Not quite as small as a fish, but definitely minute enough to be a lapdog the sacred Japanese Chin started off as a Japanese Imperial Court groupie. This pouch was pampered then, and expects to be pampered now, especially by their Piscean owner’s super sensitivities. Yet once given a chance to play happily, to run and leap around with unconventional grace, this doggy can be even more charming and gentle than its owner. They will adore each other!

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