Supernatural Blokes

You are the guy who has his finger on the ghost-like, the uncanny and the bizarre. You are a guy who perceives life’s rich patterns from a different perspective to most folk. You are a dude who takes your ghoulies seriously. You also believe sceptics have narrow minded tendencies, and you cannot understand why more questions are not asked re the supernatural. You are into yoga and meditation, and you climb mountains for the spiritual rush. You could own a pack of tarot cards. You are certain if humanity does not get its act together we could hit a 2012 wall! In other words you are a supernatural bloke!

Even though supernatural blokes are exhausted by limited perceptions of the metaphysical being supernaturally inclined might not be so rare after all. In fact a recent MORI poll showed that more than 90 percent of the population believes in psychic phenomena. Therefore to a supernatural bloke the Australian Federal Police actually sacking a police officer for hiring a psychic to investigate assassination threats to the Australian Prime minister was ludicrous. Add to that the Oz police force not condoning the use of psychics to trace lost ones and keep track of evidence is at the least frustrating, at the most tragic. Take the case of Aussie Matthew Leveson who disappeared after visiting a nightclub. His mother was convinced the psychic had contacted Matthew and knew things about him nobody else could have done. She found it a comfort to her. In fact many are comforted by the visions of a medium. One of the most famous is Robert Cracknell, who uses the psychometric technique to pick vibrations and visions off an object. Robert knows that there is life after death, he does not question it, nor does he question his phenomenal gifts.

Now 76 years old and alive and well as a retiree abroad, he still has “the gift”, yet like most supernatural blokes has had to stand up to much criticism and derision from the sceptics brigade. He has however successfully assisted the police in solving many cases, including the Yorkshire Ripper and Genette Tate Case. Way back in the seventies a little girl called Genette dematerialized from the face of the planet. Search parties proved useless. Cracknell happened to be on vacation nearby. He told his friend, the famous author Colin Wilson, that the poor child was already dead. The police’s assessment of the family conditions was also entirely wrong according to Cracknell since he claimed the child was being sexually abused by her father. The father actually confessed to this at a later date. But aside from the Genette Tate case, Cracknell also played a significant part in the Janie Shepherd case, the Australian Outback Case, and the Maryland Sniper Case. His insights have been invaluable to the police. Supernatural blokes are not surprised at this may be because unlike 65 percent of the population who do not believe in God, they feel they have accessed a supernatural power at some stage in their lives, and therefore have left the “Mystical Door” wide open.

Even though being psychic, intuitive and open hearted are not considered masculine traits, more and more men are “connecting” to their powers, and learning how to become surprisingly perceptive. We are moving into exciting times, and those who still insist on calling “a spade a spade” might be left on the margins when 2012 rolls in. Certainly, there is a lot to be said for being so intuitive you can read another’s mind, it avoids going for business ventures that will create “egg on the face”. Therefore, even if the supernatural bloke might not be a lookalike for Cracknell, he still has a lot going for him.

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