What’s in a name..? Prince Louis Arthur Charles

The Amazing Thing…

As I said on national television the day after the birth is Louis Arthur Charles really is astrologically Prince Charming! What will the third offspring of Kate and William Cambridge be like, we wonder, will he rattle and roll, will he inspire us, amaze us, amuse us? So, what mystical numbers guide his way, protect his path, enhance his life? How will his personal “royal cookie crumble” in other ways?

A Magical Child

Louis Arthur Charles is a magical child, with a life path number to write home about. Number “Six” ensures natural good looks, a kind-disposition and an open-hearted attitude. He will be drawn to all that is beautiful, all that is harmonious, taking pleasure in his pets, his little friends, chortling on his grandma’s lap, changing grandpa’s sulks to grins. And that in itself shows his mystical powers!

The Goddess Venus

His life path is ruled by the Goddess Venus, and you can be sure she takes care of her own. She will ensure the little prince is a joy to be around, never a “yeller” more of a “chortler” this gorgeous babe will morph into an attractive child, and a handsome young man, charming not only his parents but the proverbial birds off those “regal” trees. This little healer will “up” the Royal resonance reaching out to others, as he naturally emulates his grandmother, Princess Diana’s “charm genes”, making his mark on the world with his generosity of Spirit, and yes, easing it of its woes

Warmth and Stability

His parents will give him the warm and stable home life he needs, and as he matures he will slip into a fulfilling life at school and a creative career. His life path is “Three”, an inspiring route that ensures he is a Prince Charming of the fairy story ilk, a romantic kind of guy happy to fall in love with a beautiful princess, but still, always remaining someone to be reckoned with.

A Strong and Resolute Man

His soul number is “One” an evolved number ensuring that beneath the baby dimples a strong and resolute young man is waiting to step on to the world stage. He has come to inspire, to take charge! Independent, strong willed, he will stand firm during challenging times. He is no team player he was born to lead. Fiercely independent, a risk taker with a will of his own, he surprises and sometimes worries those who care for him. His mother will realise it is best not to tell him what to do, because if one does, one will end up with egg on one’s face! Narrow minded courtiers, boring politicians, conservative royal relatives will not go down well if Louis Arthur Charles has a say about it.

Highly Evolved

His personality pertains to the highly evolved “Eleven”. That off-beat digit ensures his ideas hit like lightning bolts, a closet genius he will know exactly what to say, and how to say it. His spontaneous gift of the gab will always come up with the right answer when everyone else is trying to remember the question.

Sensor Sound Panavision

In short Louis Arthur Charles will live his life “”Sensor Sound Panavision”. Who is that off to Africa to save the elephants? Who is that working all hours God sends for some nameless charity? Who is that standing up for the vulnerable and abused? Why, it is our very own Prince Charming the fabulous Louis Arthur Charles of course.

At times Louis Arthur Charles will find life challenging, simply because his maturity number is “Nine”, a number that does things “His Way”. In fact, the Sinatra song “My Way” could be Louis Arthur Charles’ theme tune. He will not take to fools gladly as he chuckles in his cot, and as he grows into a man he will be willing to laugh and joke about narrow mindedness but then push, and sometimes shove, to get his way with the “nay sayers”. Definitely not a favourite amongst the traditional crowd he will rebel against mindless etiquette, and in that process rub his family, who will consistently adore him, up the wrong way.

The “Nine” tells us there will be times of risk, danger and challenge for the prince, but he will stand strong, and hold his own. There will also be times when he will face internal crises, but he will never give in to his weaknesses, he will stand strong!

An Innate Spirituality

The psychic “Seven” has sneaked into his chart, so what does that mean royal fans? It means that Louis Arthur Charles expresses an innate spirituality not of the mainstream variety but unique to him alone. As he strives to overcome others’ short sightedness, he could doubt his own insight. Sometimes he will feel all hope is lost. But his strong core will enable him to hold strong to his popularity, fame and public recognition. He will be a beloved royal, a responsible royal, when asked to maintain his integrity in difficult circumstances! He will stand out, and as he grows from babyhood to manhood, Royal Sceptics will wave the Union flag for him alone.

Welcome into the world Louis Arthur Charles a delightful, multi faceted, gifted Prince of hope and joy, if ever there was one!

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