Year Ahead 2018 – Aries


Your love life sizzles as expansive Jupiter continues to strengthen your bond with someone special. The chemistry between you and your amour will be powerful between January 1st and November 8th. If you’re in a difficult relationship, the Lunar Eclipse on January 31st will let you know if it’s time to make up or break up. Falling in love will be easy near August 11th, when your charisma will be at an all-time high due to a powerful Solar Eclipse. A charming flirtation could quickly blossom into a passionate packed affair at this time. Avoid getting engaged or married between October 6th and November 16th, when affection won’t be flowing as freely as you would like. Your best prospect for making a relationship official is during the month of December, when your urge to merge will be powerful. This is a great time to move in together, set a marriage date or exchange wedding vows. Having a big ceremony around Christmas will give both your families a chance to come together and celebrate your happiness.



The majority of your luck this year will come in the form of unearned income. From January 1st through to November 8th, you could receive an inheritance, windfall or insurance payment. Are you in a committed relationship? Your partner could get a high-paying job that indirectly benefits you. At long last, you’ll be able to afford some luxuries that have been out of your reach for far too long. Going on a relaxing holiday to a beautiful seaside resort is a strong possibility. Your love life will also get a boost during this period, helping you to forge an intense bond with the one you love. If you’re looking for a partner, you could find one when you’re out and about doing the things you enjoy doing during the first ten months of the year. By the time November arrives, you’ll be able to broaden your horizons in exciting ways. Travelling overseas, publishing a piece of writing or undertaking a serious course of study are all possibilities. You might also get a chance to live and work abroad, which would be terrific.



Your career prospects are very strong throughout 2018. Take this opportunity to go for the sort of work that pays well and gives you lots of job satisfaction. Exercising your leadership skills will increase your success. Beware of taking a gamble at the end of January, when a Lunar Eclipse could cause a surefire deal to fall through. It’s better to keep your hard earned cash in the bank at this time. If you want a pay rise, the first three weeks of April are ideal for making your case. It will be virtually impossible for your employer to turn you down during this enriching period. Unusual moneymaking opportunities will arise after May 16th; ventures related to technology and air travel are looking especially good. Do you have a business or romantic partner? They could be making big bucks between January and November, which improves your financial standing as well. Take this opportunity to open a retirement or savings account. Adding to this fund regularly will make it possible for you retire early and live comfortably.



You’ll continue to march to the beat of your own drum for the first five months of the year. During this period, it’s better to stand out from the crowd than blend in with them. From the middle of May onwards your income might become more erratic. It’s possible you will choose to work on a freelance basis. Alternatively, your income could be commission based, leading to periods of feast and famine. Learning to put some money away into savings will help you get through the lean times. Your values could undergo a significant change, too. Instead of wanting cutting edge equipment, you may develop an affection for unique antiques. Leading a more placid lifestyle will help you connect with your spiritual side. Communing with nature could take on a new importance for you. Visiting the countryside will be preferable to going to busy, bustling cities. There’s also a good chance you will take more time to prepare nurturing, home cooked meals. Changing your diet will greatly benefit your health. So can practicing relaxation techniques. Slow down and smell the flowers.

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