Year Ahead 2018 – Cancer


The first ten months of 2018 have a passionate intensity that brings out the best in you. If you’re single, you will feel a powerful chemistry with someone who is cultured and intelligent. Be careful if you simply want to play the field. Even casual flirtations can deepen to obsession in the blink of an eye. Your charisma is powerful, particularly between January 1st and November 8th. Are you in a serious relationship? Your partner will be more demonstrative, adding a welcome dash of spice to your union. Think carefully before getting engaged or married. Any commitments you make this year will have long lasting effects. It will be difficult to turn back after you’ve taken the plunge. If you’re absolutely certain you have found your ideal partner, then go ahead and exchange vows. The first three weeks of January are perfect for a marriage ceremony. The final three weeks of the year are also good for making a lifetime commitment. All twelve months of the year promise to be extremely rewarding on the romantic front.



The time between January 1st and November 8th is excellent for taking emotional, financial and even creative risks. You’re cautious by nature, which sometimes leads to feelings of boredom and listlessness. Rest assured that trying new things will work to your advantage for most of the coming year. Whatever direction your ambitions and aspirations may take this is the year to grasp the nettle and do something about them. You will not be disappointed. By November 9th, your luck will take another form. The daily routines of life will become much easier. You’ll feel brighter and better and there’s a good chance you’ll find a job you absolutely love. If you’ve been struggling with nagging aches and pains, you’ll finally find a medical professional who locates the source of trouble. Changing your diet or exercise routine will be a small price to pay for feeling fantastic. If you’ve been thinking of adopting a pet, wait for the last two months of the year, when you’ll find a perfect companion that gives you a new lease on life. You’ll feel an instant connection when you look into this animal’s eyes.


A source of income will come to an end on or around January 31st, due to a Lunar Eclipse. This will be a blessing in disguise. If you are, or want to be, self-employed it will be very rewarding for the first five months of the year. You may find work as a consultant, freelance or temp. A friend or former colleague will help you find more steady employment around August 11th, when an empowering Solar Eclipse helps you land a job that truly engages you. This position will involve a great deal of socialising. Take every opportunity to attend meetings and expand your professional network. Are you in a serious relationship? Money could be the source of a power struggle. Having your own income will take the pressure off. Moneymaking opportunities will dramatically improve once November 9th arrives. If you’re offered an entry level position at a big company, take it. You’ll quickly rise through the ranks and get a better paid position soon. This job will probably involve lots of travel, so make sure your passport is up to date.



Relationships will take on a new importance this year. If you have a marriage or business partner, it will be very important to assert yourself in this union. Letting your other half take the lead at all times could lead to anger and resentment. It’s possible you will leave your current place of work so you can spend more time with your friends and family. Building a loving support network will allow you to realise your full potential. Taking a spiritual pilgrimage is also worth thinking about. Even visiting a seaside resort can put you in touch with the divine. A homebody like you sometimes has difficulty going further afield. Once you arrive at your destination, your delightful sense of humour will emerge and you’ll enjoy the exotic atmosphere. A fitness programme will yield impressive results after November 9th. Try getting exercise on a daily basis throughout the year and don’t be discouraged if the benefits are not instantly noticeable. They will be at the end of the year. Once Christmas arrives, you’ll look and feel better than ever before.

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