Year Ahead 2018 – Libra


An exciting love affair could blossom in mid-February, thanks to a powerful Solar Eclipse. If you’re already in a romantic relationship, your amour will have wonderful news that will be a cause for celebration. A surprise engagement or marriage is possible in the days following April 16th, thanks to an impulsive New Moon. If you’re in a committed partnership, take a holiday with your partner between April 25th and May 19th, when you’ll have fun exploring a cosmopolitan city. Taking a romantic relationship to the next level is a definite possibility on July 24th, when a Lunar Eclipse urges you to make things official. Don’t let your family interfere with your love life in 2018. Although you love your nearest and dearest, this doesn’t give them license to criticise your partner or dictate your romantic choices. Be ready to defend your lover to a family member who feels threatened by their influence. Remaining silent will do a tremendous disservice to your relationship. Instead of pretending to be neutral, make your choice crystal clear to all concerned.



Your moneymaking potential is looking good this year. You’ve always been famous for your discretion, which makes you a great candidate for a job involving top secret or confidential information. You could also earn a handsome salary working in the financial industry, dealing with loans, venture capital or investments. Your excellent insights into human behaviour could make you a great coach, counsellor or mental health professional. When it comes to earning a living, choose a field that fills you with passion. When you do what you love, the money will follow, especially between January and early November. After November 9th, your good fortune will focus on the area of communication. You could get fame and acclaim for an entertaining blog or social media page. There will also be many chances for short trips. A series of minibreaks will help you deal with the stress of the modern world. If family gatherings have been tense, why not plan to take a break and go away over the Christmas season. Visiting a nearby city with a foreign flavour will be lots of fun.


2018 promises to be a lucrative year, between January 1st and November 8th. If you want to find a well-paid position, try to reach your goal during this potential packed period. If that is where your talents lie you can make a good living in the creative field. Making money from your artistic abilities will be both personally and financially rewarding. Try your best to increase contributions to a savings or retirement account. Shared resources will wax and wane between May 16th and November 6th. Having money in reserve will help you and your partner to get over any periods of scarcity. It’s possible you will have to dip into savings to pay an unexpected bill or other necessary outgoings. If this happens, stay calm. You’ll be able to cover this amount by juggling your budget. Once November 7th arrives, it will be easier to build your nest egg back up again. Think long and hard about taking out an insurance policy or warranty this year, as you may have to get some expensive repairs. Be willing to spend extra to protect your existing wealth.


You’ll be challenged to deal with some troubling family matters this year. Caring for an elderly parent or the special needs of a child will cause you to reconsider your priorities. What seems like a terrible burden at first will quickly become a labour of love. Your love life will get an extra dose of passion. Don’t be surprised when your sensual side demands expression between May 16th and November 6th. Instead of living in your head all the time, you’ll develop a fresh appreciation for beautiful sights, sounds, scents, tastes and tactile sensations. Enjoying more intimacy with your lover will be a critical component of this phase. If you’re single, you’ll attract an ardent admirer near August 11th, when a Solar Eclipse makes your charm irresistible. Let them indulge you with creature comforts. When it comes to fitness, exercising and diet can have a beneficial effect at this time. Even taking a warm bath each night will help you relieve stress and recharge your batteries. 2018 has many marvellous opportunities for you, including improved health.

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