Year Ahead 2018 – Sagittarius


Towards the middle of 2018, your love life will begin to stabilise. If you are unattached you could meet someone special in the days surrounding April 16th, when you’ll be irresistibly drawn to an adventurous, pioneer spirit. At first, you’ll be charmed by this wild rebel’s unpredictable behaviour. By the time May 16th arrives, you’ll be ready to establish some ground rules for seeing one another. Sitting at home waiting for a phone call won’t deepen your desire; it will only create resentment. A power struggle could continue through early November. At that point, you will decide whether to part ways or make a serious commitment. If you are already in a committed relationship, you’ll assume the leadership role on or around November 9th. If you’ve always wanted to live abroad, go back to college or embark on a writing career, you’ll have the full support of your amour. Your partner will be very attentive during the last two months of the year. Make sure you express your gratitude for their kindness and consideration.


Keeping a low profile is probably the best way to find contentment throughout most of 2018. You’re a highly sociable person, but the period between January 1st and November 8th will find you more introverted than unusual. Solitary pursuits like writing, reading and communing with nature will give you the sort of happiness money cannot buy. Working to make the world a better place will also attract good fortune during this magical period. If you are dismayed and frustrated by current events, get involved with an animal rescue group, environmental organisation or human rights institution. After November 9th, you’ll be ready to command the spotlight again. This will present an opportunity to realise a cherished dream. Whether you want to write a bestseller, launch a successful business or travel the world is immaterial. The important thing is to set lofty goals during the last two months of the year. The sky is the limit during this fateful phase. Improving your appearance is also a strong possibility; it’s a good time to get fit and upgrade your wardrobe.


Money won’t be flowing as freely as it has in the past and it will be challenging to live on a budget. By scaling back on impulse buys and making existing resources go further, you can live comfortably on what you earn. If you have your own business, employment will be sporadic between May 16th and November 6th. Instead of worrying about when your next pay will arrive, train yourself to enjoy your down time. Pour your energy into pleasant pursuits like hobbies, sports and studying. You will get a financial boost on July 13th, when a Solar Eclipse triggers payments from an inheritance, investment plan or legal settlement. At times, you will have to exchange sharp words with the person in charge of paying out the cash. Know your rights and demand the money you deserve. If necessary a lawyer will come to your rescue during the final two months of the year, saving you a great deal of time and aggravation. Don’t begrudge this professional their fee. Thanks to their expertise, you’ll prevail in this struggle.

2018 will mark several interesting changes for you. Learning to become more financially resourceful will be emotionally as well as economically rewarding. Instead of spending money on expensive gadgets, status symbols and trips, you’ll cultivate contentment with what you already have. Spending more time on close relationships and intellectual pursuits will make you realise you don’t need to earn lots of money to be happy. Superficial friendships will fall by the wayside, giving you more time for solitary pursuits. Reading, writing and communing with nature will take on a new significance this year, particularly between January and early November. The final two months of the year will find you assuming a more prominent role. At this point, you’ll be able to set the agenda. Stop telling yourself you lack the experience, confidence or assertiveness to make your dreams come true. If you keep working towards your goal, the hassles and hitches that have stood in your way will gradually disappear. Expect a breakthrough around December 7th.

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