Year Ahead 2018 – Scorpio


Your personal magnetism will attract a lot of amorous attention. If you’re single, you’ll easily find love between February 19th and March 7th, when your powers of attraction will be irresistible. If you want to get engaged or married, the third week of April is ideal for making a lasting commitment. Are you in a serious relationship? Your union will take a stimulating turn from May 16th through to November 6th. There’s a chance you will switch roles with your partner. One of you will become the breadwinner while the other stays home to care for a child, recuperate from an illness or focus on a creative project. This change of pace will be wonderfully exciting; the passion that first drew you together will return. The key to cultivating romance is to say what you mean and mean what you say. Be careful about lashing out at a loving partner when you feel frustrated. Words have a lasting effect, especially when uttered in anger. Make it your mission to exchange loving, supportive and encouraging words with your partner.



You’ll be able to make a cherished dream come true in 2018, as long as you take advantage of the many opportunities coming your way. It’s not enough to want a good job; you have to update your CV, gather glowing references and go on interviews. The same goes for finding true love, achieving fame or finding fulfilment. If you put your energy into the people and activities you love for the first ten months of the year, you’ll be given a handsome reward after November 8th. This is also a good time to enhance your looks, either with a fitness programme, style update or professional makeover. The period between November 9th and December 31st will be fantastic for earning lots of money. Overseas business ventures are particularly potential packed, as well as business matters involving education, publishing and the law. It’s possible your job will be sending you on a series of trips, allowing you to travel on a lavish expense account. Getting paid to see the world will feel like the answer to a prayer.



A tense career situation will come to a close around January 31st, forcing you to take a second look at your earning potential. You could receive a nice little windfall between April 25th and May 19th, allowing you to be very discerning in your job search. Use any newly acquired wealth to cover your bills while looking for your dream position. If you can’t find regular employment during the first quarter of 2018, be open to doing freelance work. This will help you get your foot in the door of a good company. Your professional environment won’t be as frenetic as it has for the past few years. Instead of being forced to work alongside people with a sketchy, distracted attitude towards work, you’ll be surrounded by talented professionals who don’t need to be pampered and petted like high-strung animals. Your financial outlook will dramatically alter after November 9th, when you are offered a great job at a company that is based overseas. If you get a chance to relocate to a foreign country, take it.


You’ll be the focus of attention for most of 2018, so make the most of it. Promote your agenda, showcase your creative work and pursue your heart’s desire. Spiritual pursuits and artwork continue to be a profound source of joy and satisfaction for you. No matter what you’re doing, always make time to meditate, commune with nature, play music, write stories and make things of beauty. Beware of a tendency to worry. You’ll fare much better if you practice the power of positive thinking this year, even in the face of disappointment. A challenging business trip or test result could throw you off kilter on July 13th, thanks to a disruptive Solar Eclipse. Instead of beating yourself up for mishandling a golden opportunity, let your family help you recover from this setback. A Lunar Eclipse on July 27th will make you realise there is a silver lining to this cloud. Relocating to a more supportive, stimulating neighbourhood is a real possibility at this time. Look for somewhere that will help you to be more physically active.

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