Year Ahead 2018 – Virgo

Your love life will have a fated quality this year. An accomplished person will seek out your company. Take care not to let your needs be eclipsed by theirs. Although they may be undeniably attractive, they have a tendency to command the spotlight. This can be intimidating for a modest person like you, who doesn’t like to brag about your achievements. Instead of deferring to your partner all the time, be more assertive. If you demand to be treated like an equal, you’ll lay the foundation for a rewarding relationship. There will be a fairy tale quality to your union that lasts all year. Instead of ignoring your partner’s shortcomings, be honest about them. Taking a realistic view of their weaknesses will strengthen your self-image. You’re a highly talented, capable person who brings a lot to the table. Never forget that. If you’d like to get engaged or married, the period between February 19th and March 7th is ideal. Are you in a committed relationship? Take a holiday together during the third week of April.


You’ve always been highly intelligent, but you’ll gather, glean and garner information especially quickly in 2018. The days between January 1st and November 8th are ideal for acquiring valuable new skills. Training and studying will be intellectually challenging and socially enjoyable. Be sure to pursue a subject that fills you with excitement. Studying something that bores you to death will be a waste of the luck that surrounds you. Once the second week of November arrives, your luck will centre around the domestic front. Whether you want to move into your own place, buy a home or downsize is immaterial. You have a chance to live in a place that is bright, beautiful and uplifting. More people could be added to your household, too. A roommate, elderly relative or child will add great joy to your home life. Welcome this addition with open arms. If you’ve always wanted to live abroad, you can make this happen in the final two months of the year. Look for work opportunities overseas. Experiencing a different way of life will be lovely.



For the past few years, you’ve been on the receiving end of some fiscal good fortune. This trend will continue, but it will slow down between mid-May and early November. It would be wise to cultivate other moneymaking opportunities in 2018. If you want a lucrative job or deserve a pay rise, make your move between August 7th and September 10th, when you’ll be at your most ambitious, assertive and aspirational. The sudden expenses that have forced you to occasionally dip into savings will begin to slow down. Take this opportunity to build a nest egg that cultivates long term financial security. If you’ve ever dreamed about making money from your creative efforts, 2018 is a great year to do so. Hone your skills with a gifted teacher. Becoming a master craftsperson will help you make a living from your handiwork. It doesn’t matter if you bake, build furniture, or make jewellery. You can turn a handsome profit by selling your wares to those who appreciate creative skill and ingenuity. Being your own boss will be a welcome change of pace.



Unexpected opportunities to travel will come your way between mid-May and early November. If you get a chance to visit a distant destination, take it. Exploring unfamiliar territory will be an enjoyable, energising experience. As 2018 progresses, you’ll find it much easier to achieve your goals and get your needs met. Be ready to ask for exactly what you want. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it this year. Building things of lasting value will be especially rewarding. Whether you start a business, write a book or have a family is immaterial. The important thing is to pursue your heart’s desire. All the obstacles that blocked your path in 2017 will vanish. A close relationship will be a continued source of comfort to you. When you grow tired of working towards your dreams, you should turn to your best friend or romantic partner. They’ll work hard to boost your morale and give you the courage to continue. Hobbies can bring relief from work related stress, especially between January and November. After that, home life will be your very special therapy.

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