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Taurean Luck - Will I Ever Own Another Home?
Q: Daily Mirror reader Amanda P is a Taurean with the Moon in Aquarius. In her letter she describes how she lost her home a few years ago. She is not working and would like to but she can't find a job that fits around her children. It seems to her as if all her family are having bad luck at the moment. She would love to own her own home again but fears this will never happen. For every one step forward she takes, it is 20 steps back: at least that's how it feels to her. Amanda would like to know what her horoscope says about her personality and will her luck change?

A: Although Amanda has the Sun in the steady and patient sign Taurus, this side of her nature is overpowered by the more restless indications of Venus and Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries. Amanda has a lot of emotional and mental energy and she needs constant stimulation to stop her from dwelling on negative thoughts.

When life is good, it can be very good for Amanda. She will focus her energy on anything that grabs her interest and she will enjoy being busy. In fact being busy helps keep her physically fit. But when life is not so good, Amanda will tend to worry a lot and feel almost as if she can't imagine her world improving. She asks will her luck change because she doesn't think it ever will.

My advice for Amanda is that she should not think too far into the future. Worrying about owning her own home again is a waste of emotional energy. Taureans value their possessions but family life and loving relationships are important too. Amanda might take pride in her choice to put her children's welfare ahead of material and financial needs. What she owns is not as important as the way she lives her life.

Building up her self-confidence is a good start to changing her luck. Although Amanda finds it hard to find employment that fits around her children, she might make enquiries about voluntary work in her community or at her children's school. This would feed her need for mental stimulation and to be active and there will be a sense of pride and responsibility in making a commitment to help other people.

It won't happen in an instant but over the next few years there is every chance Amanda's life will take an upward turn. The question is: will this be due to her luck changing or could it be because she is more willing to take charge of her life?

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