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How I Changed My Life

How did I get motivated, find new momentum, lose weight and feel great about myself?

Well you can do it too and here's how...

We all have that moment when we look in the mirror and think "I need to change my life and myself".

This happened to me in 2009. Drastic action was required, but how? There were many astrological reasons as to why this was a crucial life-changing date but the catalyst came when I couldn't walk because I was so fat nearly 25 stone, my health was deteriorating having had two heart scares, I couldn't breathe so couldn't sleep, the health problems were mounting and I felt that I wasn't long for this world.

So I decided to take all the spiritual and esoteric knowledge I have gained over the years and use it to begin to change my life - a regeneration and renewal and most definitely a rebirth.

I began to walk more, eat less, eat more of the right things, eat healthier.

I turned to my knowledge of crystals, essential oils and herbs, something I had studied and used to empower myself from my early youth. Using the amethyst, also my birthstone, I could bring balance into my life and the earth-power of other rocks and stones to help bring order into my body and life. I used oils and various exercise regimes, careful, healthy eating along with colour and plant therapies to enhance my mind, body and spirit.

My new series of books - one for each of the 12 sun signs, has all the weight loss tips for your sign and information on other influences to inject vitality physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally into you and your life, helping you to love and appreciate life and yourself more. Watch your self-esteem and confidence rocket - like mine did - it had spent so many years on the floor, the only way was up!

There is so much more to advise and guide you but this is just taster. Now I hope I have whetted your appetite and you will drink heavily from the knowledge that I have gathered that has helped me changed my life and now lose nearly 10 stones in weight so you can kick-start your way to health and happiness. For I am now doing what I want to do with my life and world rather than wishing and hoping and thinking if only!

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