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Millbrook, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2007 today officially announced the launch of the updated Dream Dictionary forum ( The online Dream Dictionary is accompanied by a handy Dream Dictionary Software ( Swetha of believes this can be a reference guide for each and every person interested in knowing more about dream meanings and dream interpretation.

Swetha Lodha, the CEO of Mystic Board points out, Dreams are those threads that unify your body, soul and your mind. MB Free Dream Dictionary hopes to provide an answer to all the questions regarding the small and vivid images which make very little sense while you are asleep. Swetha further says, This extensive 2200+ word dictionary is an A-Z dream guide that can be used as a quick and an ideal reference. In the coming months we plan to constantly update the dictionary with more and more words. It has taken us months of hard work to compile the handy guide and I sincerely hope everyone benefits from our efforts.

The online Dream Dictionary is very well organized and easy to navigate. All words are arranged alphabetically, thus making the use of this glossary very easy. All the dream symbols and terms have been explained very clearly and that too in a simple and understandable language thus making it a useful resource for novices as well as experts.

Speaking about her inspiration, Swetha says, I have been a keen follower of all types of esoteric subjects, be it dreams, astrology, psychic or the tarot. Dreams have always fascinated me and when I could get no proper information anywhere as to how to interpret them and at the same time understand the significance of each dream, I thought of creating a universal resource that would help people in understanding what their dreams meant. I don't want people giving up learning this wonderful subject just because they cannot understand what it means.

The CNet Editor in his review says, MB Free Dream Dictionary offers a vast amount of information on dream terminologies. The app has a smartly-designed, browser-like interface with an extensive message board. Dream terms are alphabetized to the left of the screen and a double-click displays definitions and further data regarding each subject. Moreover, you can also choose whether to search using wildcards, exact terms or Google. The program's message board gives easy access to hot topics and information regarding horoscopes, astrology, numerology and more. He further adds, This application is a great find for those interested in the analyzing and interpreting their dreams.

Now everybody can analyze and understand the meanings of their dreams. It does not really matter whether one has had any previous experience working with dreams or not. Mystic Board's effort – the dream dictionary comes up with a very simple approach thus helping people understand their dreams and interpret the different dream symbols.

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