Are you having problems finding the perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

We asked Russell Grant for some idea and suggestions for the perfect Mother’s day gift for each Mother’s Star Sign, plus a special treat idea too:

Aries – Explore new venues with your Aries mum by arranging a day’s trip to somewhere she’s never been before. Include all the family and make it a true Mother’s Day celebration. Book her some yoga lessons or choose something for one of her many hobbies. If buying clothes or household items go for bold colours like red or black.
Special Treat for your Aries Mum: A Mother’s Day Coupon with a Promise you make and intend to keep.

Taurus – Saying it with flowers will touch your Taurus mum’s heart. Choose anything from roses or orchids in a bouquet to wild flowers handpicked from the garden; it will be the thought that counts. She will love anything that feels nice to the touch like soft cotton, silk or cashmere nightwear. Give her an outfit she can lounge around in to remind her of how good it is to occasionally relax!
Special Treat for your Taurus Mum: Swiss Chocolate

Gemini –Your Gemini mum likes to be in the know and pays attention to what’s going on. Gift her with a five-year journal where she can jot down all her thoughts and observations. Give her a digital camera so she can take snapshots of family activities on Mother’s day and take her on a trip to a fun destination. Think about books or a CD to add to her music collection.
Special Treat for your Gemini Mum: A DVD of her favourite movie of all time

Cancer – Something to create a treasured memory is what you should aim for like planning a whole day’s activities that she will be able to look back on with fondness. Or help bring back happy memories with a photo album that includes all her favourite photos from the past. Add personal captions to each page to make the gift warm and special. Find a new perfume with a special fragrance that compliments your mum’s gentle personality.
Special Treat for your Cancerian Mum: Arrange a big family get-together

Leo – Create your own Mother’s Day hamper with all her favourite beauty products or indulge her love of luxury and attention by arranging a pamper day. Make sure it includes a full body massage, facial and manicure. Luxury spa and bath accessories would make a perfect pamper gift for the busy Leo mum.
Special Treat for your Leo Mum: Anything gold.

Virgo – Take her on a fun shopping trip and let your Virgo mum choose her own gift. Buy something for the home to help ease household chores: a tea or coffee making machine, food processor, new iron or a biscuit barrel filled with her favourite cookies. If she lives some distance away, send her flowers with chocolates or wine. Your thrifty mum will appreciate a homemade card and simple inexpensive gifts.
Special Treat for your Virgo Mum: Arrange for her to have a whole day with someone else doing the cooking for her.

Libra – The perfect gift for your Libra mum will be to lavish her with love and affection. Greet her with hugs and kisses and offer to spend the day doing anything she wishes. Arrange a surprise party for the evening, book a meal at her favourite restaurant or take her to a musical concert or ballet. Also think about cosmetics or elegant jewellery.
Special Treat for your Libra Mum: Aromatherapy products

Scorpio – Take her for a night out on the town with all expenses paid. Encourage her to relax to a guided meditation or chakra balancing CD. She loves a mystery and will enjoy getting into a good detective or supernatural novel. Champagne, scented candles, roses or a teach-yourself-astrology kit are great gifts for Scorpio mum. Her birthstone is Topaz.
Special Treat for your Scorpio Mum: Crystals, Gemstones and candles

Sagittarius – A mother’s day gift basket filled with exotic fruits and wines, or a basket of gourmet foods. Think about gifting your active Sagittarius mum with exercise related equipment like a treadmill, Wii Fit, exercise ball or a Pilates CD. Take her on an energetic hike or a leisurely stroll in the country.
Special Treat for your Sagittarius Mum: Take her on a camping holiday!

Capricorn – Cushions, handbags, cosy quilts and blankets or gardening implements will delight your practical Capricorn mum. A bouquet of flowers specially chosen by you will delight her. Think of something practical like a watch, pen set, new purse or leather handbag. Always busy doing something, buy an item associated with her latest hobby. Be sensible when making your choice as she means it when she says she hates to see money wasted!
Special Treat for your Capricorn Mum: Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

Aquarius – For the Aquarius mum who loves to help people all over the world, why not choose Fairtrade gift products such as silver jewellery or a gemstone bracelet? Think about something that might tickle her sense of humour. She might enjoy Celtic jewellery or a silver brooch. Go for a trendy outfit, something technical like a solar digital radio or perfumed candles. Choose lavender, rose or alpine.
Special Treat for your Aquarius Mum: Cook her an organic meal

Pisces – Anything personalised like a photo frame, engraved bracelets or key rings, photo mug or photo fridge magnet. Add to your list of possible gifts: luxury items, massage oil, soft thick bath towels and jewellery. Visit a New Age gift shop and choose spiritual items for your Pisces mum like candles, a dream catcher, talisman or amulets. Pamper her with chocolates and bath or spa products.
Special Treat for your Pisces Mum: Compose a poem and frame it; she will cherish this forever.