Autumn Equinox

The Sun will enter Libra at the time of the Autumn Equinox marking the first day of autumn. Libra is the sign of balance and when the balance in our lives is out of kilter it can make us feel physically exhausted and emotionally drained. The Autumn Equinox is a perfect time for us all to take a look at our lives to find our equilibrium.

Arians for instance should strive to make their partnerships more equal. The benefits will include better communication, increased understanding and greater physical intimacy. Taureans might think about approaching change with a more flexible attitude instead of clinging too tightly to the past. It’s important for Geminis to get a balance between work and pleasure whereas Cancerians should take steps toward balancing their work and family responsibilities. Leos might improve their time-management skills to buy themselves more time for friends and neighbours and to balance other people’s needs with their own. Virgos will achieve true life balance as they learn how to make decisions based on intuition as well as intellect. Librans must always live according to what they recognise as being right and wrong. Scorpios might strive to be more open and less secretive. For Sagittarians it is good to strike a balance between self-reliance and cooperation. Capricorns shouldn’t think they have to do everything themselves. There is nothing wrong with accepting help when it is needed. One of the hardest things for Aquarius is to find a balance between being alone and being with others. Pisceans need to work at getting the balance right between dreaming and reality.

Look on the Autumn Equinox as a time to start again in areas that aren’t working and to repaint the dark colours on the canvas that is your life with autumn yellows and golds.