Looking to the stars for Britain’s Got Talent

candis1-000006The UK’s best loved Astrologer Russell Grant has revealed the Star Sign traits for contestants on ITV’s new series of Britain’s Got Talent. Russell said “I love Britain’s Got Talent, as it enables the unknown superstars to be seen by millions. Following last year’s issues with Susan Boyle, I am confident they have learnt from their mistakes and will protect the mind and body of the finalists – Good luck to everyone who has the bottle to face the judges”



What really sets the Arian apart is their endless energy and their determination to win even if this means competing against their best mate. Aries will take advantage of each and every opportunity that comes their way to get ahead of the rest.


Ruled by Venus, the Taurean’s creativity can on occasion seem like sheer magic. Some talents just come so naturally to them that they leave others in awe. When at their best, Taurus can give an incredible performance.


Versatile Gemini’s have a knack of being able to create the best possible impression on their audience. If their performance fails to win a positive response one week they will amend, bend and modify until they get it right.


Although talented Cancerians will give their all when performing, there will be times when they will genuinely prefer to be behind-the-scenes and it isn’t always easy to balance these two sides of their personality.


Leos are natural performers. They adore praise and admiration in all forms. Nothing holds them back when they set their sights on a goal and that’s why once they’re on the stage they will give it all they’ve got.


Notice how Virgo takes criticism on board and uses this to improve their talent; that’s why every week they just get better and better. Their perseverance is an inspiration to all and makes them well loved by others.


What a lovely person the Libran can be; they know how to capture the emotional interest and win the hearts of the audience. Popularity can wane however when it might be felt Libra’s strategy seems to be to manipulate from behind-the-scenes.


Scorpios will give themselves totally to whatever they take on. If they’ve got a talent, they will want to capitalise on this in any and every way they can. Scorpios take competitive events very seriously.


Sagittarius loves a challenge and will not give up when the going gets tough. This is the reason their fans will like them so much. Sagittarius has grit and determination and will come bouncing back even after being slated by Simon Cowell.


‘Resourceful’ is the Capricorn’s middle name and one way or another this determined character will add an elite slant on their creativity to make quite a sensational impact on viewers.


Aquarians revel in the company of interesting people and love anything new. They’re in this not just to show off their talents but for the pure enjoyment of the experience.


Through their creativity Pisceans express their sensitivity and deep emotions. They are wonderfully imaginative, highly talented and incurable romantics! Money is not always a huge incentive as their personal gifts are worth more to them, than gold.




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