Michael Jackson’s Ghost Captured on Video at Neverland

Michael Jackson’s Ghost Captured on Video at Neverland

Michael Jackson fans across the internet have been reflecting on whether or not a ghostly appearance on a CNN video taken at Neverland, Michael Jackson’s former home could be the recently departed singer.

The crew was broadcasting a tour of the huge house . As the reporter is showing viewers around, a moving shadow is clearly seen moving across the hallway. The shadow can be briefly glimpsed; some describe it as “Michael’s ghost moonwalking across the hallway in a style clearly his own,” suggesting that it cannot therefore be a member of the film crew!

Michael Jackson’s Ghost on Video

Michael loved the house when he first visited Neverland and seemingly couldn’t get it out of his mind. After going on tour, he returned and bought the ‘ranch’.

In the video, once  the crew had visited the kitchen (where it was said everyone hung out, played video games, watched TV and lounged in comfortable furniture. – This is where, when the place was occupied, they ate meals and generally it was the main meeting place of Neverland) they then went to the bedrooms and Michael’s private suite. The crew seemed oblivious at the time to the ‘ghost’ that crosses the hallway. They continue on to the bathrooms, a closet and a secret compartment, a ‘safe room’ where Michael could go ‘just in case’.

Could the ghostly apparition be Michael Jackson or might it be a shadow of one of the camera crew walking past the window? The ghostly apparition can bee seen on YouTube

Celebrities and Ghosts

Having a resident ghost isn’t unusual among the famous. Movie star Matthew McConaughey has learned to accept the spirit he calls Madame Blue who is seen regularly around his house. It is said that all singer Belinda Carlisle’s homes are haunted. – Perhaps it is the same ghost following her.

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman allegedly left their home because of a ghostly presence. While it has been reported that whenever the Beatles get together, such as when they were recording the eerie Free as a Bird in 1995, John Lennon’s mischievous spirit can be felt. Paul McCartney described a lot of “strange goings-on in the studio, noises that shouldn’t have been there and equipment doing all manner of weird things.”

Michael Jackson Haunting Neverland?

Could Michael Jackson already be haunting Neverland? Seemingly a paranormal research team who became aware of the Spectre of Michael Jackson in the now famed Larry King/Jermaine Jackson Ranch Tour has produced a version of the video where the ghost is isolated with a spotlight halo.

Scary music is also added, contributing to the atmosphere but despite the locks on the bedroom door, the door is open, there are people around and this could be as much a shadow cast by a human figure as a ghostly spectre.