Stars June 5th

Last Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius paves the way to a New Moon in Gemini on the 16th but big changes includes Mercury going direct in Gemini, the Summer Solstice as the Sun glows in Cancer the crab and Mars entering your sign on the 24th June, Saturn heading back to Scorpio and Venus thrusting into Leo TODAY!

Gemini: This is your time in so many ways the cluster of the Sun, New Moon, Mercury (turning direct) and Mars in your sign makes for a month to concentrate and focus on all things about you!

Cancer: The powerful signs of renewal come via the Sun on the 21st and Mars unleashes his powers in your sign on the 24th you have a summer to come when you have the motivation and initiative to overcome setbacks and obstacles.

Leo: Still loving Jupiter (planet of luck and opportunity in your sign) and the connexion to Uranus (ruling brilliance and ingenuity) mid-month gives you impetus to change your life and world for the very best. Surprise! Surprise!

Virgo: Mercury shifting gear and moving forward from the 11th/12th is professional music to your ears. Plans, ideas and thoughts you’ve been having can have a positive effect on your destiny.

Libra: A glorious light shines from Venus today focussing on your future and friendships. This can be a social month that can further your hopes, wishes and dreams especially romantically.

Scorpio: Here’s the big one! Saturn heads back to your sign on the 15th. Between now and September you have a final chance (for 28/30 years) to ground your world and strengthen your weaknesses to prepare for the next stage of your life.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon last Tuesday says time for closure in many personal areas that are outstanding and love Jupiter your ruler this month opening up doors of opportunity and amazing possibilities. Chase after them Sadgie!

Capricorn: Health and work-based matters predominate until the Solstice then relationships will begin to take the limelight.

Aquarius: With so much happening in your 5th house of love and heart’s desire this is the month to pursue all those things that come from the heart. Creative brilliance must be used from the core so you are set to soar. You’re beginning to see the light – yeah!

Pisces: Home and family affairs are emphasised this whole month coupled with anything medical and business. A busy month dealing with life matters.

Aries: So much to do so little time to do it end of the month challenges at home need patience but Uranus continues to spark off extraordinary happenings and change: change is good and this month it’s time to tackle the status quo of your world that is holding you back and LET RIP!

Taurus: Look to the morning star Venus for the most activity. TODAY she enters Leo adding light and lustre to your home world and for longer than usual as she slows down and remains there for many weeks finally leaving in October. Divine!