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Russell’s First Strictly Blog

“It’s always a thrill when you know the main event is nearly here, the band are tuning up, the competitors putting final touches to their outfits and routines and we are all about to “take the floor”

For me, the chance to join the “Strictly” team is fabulous– but if I am to find any kind of success, a grip on reality will be essential.

“I am feeling the nerves. I think we all are, even Anita Dobson who has just come out of a West End production. There’s been a fantastic build up, lots of hard work and now I think we all just want to get out there and do the best we can.”

It’s been a busy old time combining training with my dance partner Flavia Cacace with press calls inManchester andLondon as well as writing my various columns for newspapers, magazines and websites.


Flavia is my “Strictly” inspiration, mentor and guide. She is so talented as a teacher and performer and a joy to be with.”

“I’m tired, weary and exhausted, but I’m still loving it. I’ve had fantastic support from family, friends, fans, even people who never knew me before. I really do appreciate it all. On the hardest days it keeps me going.”

“There have been some difficult days too. It took a while to find a suitable training venue. Then my dance shoes were not sent up from London with the rest of the recording and dance kit and crew so I had to rehearse in standard trainers instead. Unfortunately, they aren’t right for this sort of work and before I knew it I was hopping around the dance floor with a throbbing toe. Come Sunday, I was having a full-blown foot emergency and had to call on some expert chiropodist help”.

“The toe is still causing me problems. But I’ll keep going. I just love the whole show too much.”

” But while I am out my comfort zone in one way, I am so comfortable in another. For whatever happens, I’ll have no regrets. I am not in it to win it, but to enjoy it, get fit and live the dream!”


“I hope you will all be watching and enjoying the show on Friday”.






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