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Short Answer:

Question Can I have a look at things in general please?

Dear Janey,

Thank you for asking me to read for you, I am a psychic medium with over 15 years experience and hope you find your general quick reading directional and most of all accurate.

I feel around you at present that the career aspect of your life has been causing you some concern. I do feel there is a change in your career coming up within the next three months. However, you will still be in the same or similar job within a different company and feel around your emotions there is restlessness for a need to change. By the age of 36 you will have advanced in your career and be someone in authority in your field so let those worry guards down, you HAVE put in the work its time to reap the rewards.

Around your love area I am sensing emotions not coming forward from your partner or intended partner, this I feel is because there are things going on in his life that are yet to be revealed. However, I feel that deep within your subconscious you are already aware of this. Do not despair! Within the next 3 months there will be a choice of admirers, this I feel you are pulling in because of a surge of confidence in your personality. The choice that you make will be the right choice which in-turn will take you forward in a new and positive manner.

Due to your love choice I sense there will be a whole new circle of friends entering around you which I feel will expand to other connections bringing forth much happier times and a happy new road ahead both in love and your working environment.

I am also sensing strong connections with China and feel that you have either visited or lived in this country. This connection holds a strong aspect within your personality as I feel you are strongly guided by an ancient Chinese guide. This is a great blessing!

It has been a pleasure reading for you and I wish you a happy road ahead, we are always here if you need us.

Lots of love



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