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In-Depth Answer:

Question – how will the next 6 months in my new business go?

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for asking me to read for you, I am a psychic medium with over 15 years experience and hope you find your reading directional and most of all accurate.

I am looking at your question and have separated it in two, between your business question and your personal forecast including love in the next 6 months.

I feel from now until the end of June brings new calm and will be a month of understanding whilst offering great possibilities surrounding your work, you will receive very good news around the 15th & 16th brining forward a very good opportunity you are not aware of as yet, but go with it, it will feel right for you. Although things have been very very tough for you over the past 3 years you will now clearly see what is happening around you so please know that you ARE seeing the bigger picture now and moving in the right direction.

I get the name Jason, someone around you who is very important to you and will help you. Keep him close and stay very grounded as he is a very good person, people need you so have more faith in your abilities, do not let self doubt hold you back, go for it!. I also see a set of keys and a van with the letters RKL, I also see there is a garden and a new porch overlooked by trees, this may indicate a home move or a short break somewhere, either way I get a warm feeling around this.

By July will come a month of birthing and nurturing your new work projects such as opening new locations or looking into new business ventures, though this is not the only month that it could start. Since I feel that you will be doing more with groups and they could be instrumental in helping you make the money you desire.

Around August time you will be away from your home allot. I see you constantly jumping in and out of your area with full energy and vitality. This is a very good time for all overseas trips and yes I do see you on a ship sailing somewhere very nice indeed for pleasure.

By September time your work will require you to devote allot of time and energy into your projects. It could get a little boring but it will be very very productive. Friends and relatives and loved one’s will be understanding, make sure you let them know your goals so they can offer you some support and guidance. It could also be a part of the holiday blues.

In October a man is instrumental in helping the business go forward in some way. Some sort of advice is sought out. The advice and expertise should be well taken. He will be very instrumental.

In November you will have a lot of clarity as things start to move. You will know where you are headed and where you are going. Finances seem good and you have enough. You will really start to see the big picture in that you will know where you are going with the business.

In regards to the health of your father, it seems fine. I see him taking good care of himself. I do not see anything major right now other than elderly issues. It will be the same as it has been. The name Marion comes to light and I see them missing someone dearly, this man is on her mind a lot but she does not show she is quite lonely. I do not see any other major illness around. I only generally look at health from a big picture and have asked spirit to not inform me of death. You seem to be sensing things personally so go with that.

When you ask as to what you should be open to, I pick up on love, relationship and you have forgiveness and emotions about that. It is coming to the time for you to be open again. All you have to do is be willing and you will receive a deeper sense of vulnerability and love never felt before romantically.

June is all about trust. I know you know this but it is time to open up more. In other words it is time to be more vulnerable. Let people help you and support you this month since you seem to be there for everybody else, this is your month to receive. If you do not you will some how be guided by spirit in a gentle way in that direction. Another part of June is to have more fun and laughs. This is also part of that receiving mode.

July I do see as a good time for socializing and travel. Even car travel would be beneficial. Be with people this month and talk to them. It is a good time to invite other for a BBQ at your house this month. August looks like it is time to get out of the everyday rut that we get ourselves into. Do things differently. Break your routine. Also a good month for travel. It is a good time to get rid of any stuff that you own that you do not use. Lastly, It is a good time to look back and start the process of forgiveness. You have more work to do and a lot can get accomplished during this time. It is being described to me as another layer of an onion needs to peel off. It feels like family issues stuff but you know who I am speaking about.

September is a month of ideas. Also a month of implementing ideas already formulated. It is a male influenced month which means that you will be very busy with work. That is almost going to be a consuming and yet it will work for you this month. I also see a male coming in romantically if you decide you are open to it and you will soon start to feel very emotionally fulfilled.

October is going to be another busy month work wise or I should say that it is busier that usual. A very good money month. You are reaping the harvest from past efforts. Great time to get out in nature. It will help keep you more strongly bonded with spirit and of course your new love who should just be in time to settle in for a very good Christmas together.

November will be busy in general as socialising kicks in on your personal life, lots of gigs, lots of fun and lots of love, yes that’s “lots of love”. You will be amazed watching things all work out so well and blend together.

Thank you for having a psychic reading with me it has been my pleasure, I wish you much success and happiness in everything you do and hope to hear from you soon.

Good luck, lots Love, Casandra


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