Tarot and Psychics


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Even the Ghost's Can't Smoke

Film stars, like many other people, have experienced psychic visions, hauntings and various other super natural events and not just in the movies they are starring in either! Superstar Tina Turner has even resorted to calling in a Psychic Medium, when one of her friendly visitors started to cause her some inconvenience! As the original soul diva, she puts her success and her ability to shine, to looking after herself and staying fit. So, when her friendly, ghostly visitor took to smoking a pipe in her home in Monaco, she was concerned that it might damage her vocal chords. She herself has never smoked and has never permitted anyone else to do so near her, least of all a ghost! Fears of the smoke damaging her voice led her to calling in a friendly ghost buster who told it nicely to go away! She discovered that she had five ghosts taking residence at her Monaco property, including this particular man who enjoyed smoking his pipe. He had lived in a shack on her land nearly 100 years previously. Apparently he was not too happy about the architectural changes that had been made to the property and was voicing his opinion in the only way he knew how!

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